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teething or just wanting to be in my bed?

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MammyShirl Wed 11-Feb-04 15:43:48

i know my dd is teething right now, for the last couple of weeks i have noticed her two teeth each side of her front teeth coming down.

she has been waking in the night here and there, monday she was screaming almost every hour!

when we held her she was pinching our skin.... bless her it must be so painful.

i've noticed as soon as i lie her next to me in my bed she snifles and then falls fast asleep!

im not sure if she is just being next to me comforts her and helps her deal with the pain or she is just crying loudly as she knows it may end up with me giving in.

i dont let her sleep in my bed as i am terrified of smothering her, i have done it in the past and wake up in a panic looking for her, one time i had put her back in the cot but forgot and nearly had a heartattack when i woke up and could not find her!

i dont want to giver her bad habits.

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