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Hol in ear drum

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fairydust Tue 10-Feb-04 13:45:34

DD is poorly again spent the night at the hospital - as she had blood comming out her ear -

She has a whole in her ear drum and a nasty infection.

When is mother nature gonna give us a break.

lou33 Tue 10-Feb-04 13:55:33

Aw FD, poor little mite. I hope she recovers from all this really soon.

Marina Tue 10-Feb-04 14:13:04

Fairydust, really sorry to hear about your dd. If it helps at all mine had a perforated eardrum a week ago, without any warning (other than a heavy cold which had been previously seen by a GP and not thought serious at that point).
After just a dew days on amoxicillin she was completely back to normal. The GP said that although it's not a good thing for this to happen repeatedly, a hole in your eardrum is nature's way of letting infection out of your body and it won't cause any lasting problems.
Hope she is feeling better soon.

handlemecarefully Wed 11-Feb-04 09:01:39

Just echoing what Marina says.....also, I've read that it takes only about a week for it to seal up again.

Very sorry for your dd - ear infections are excrutiating. I was at my wits end when dd had one last month.

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