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Feeling bleurgh after chemo :-(

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malteserzz Mon 01-Jul-13 05:50:43

In may, I've had a lumpectomy and waiting for chemo still in shock I think good that you're coming over smile

flippyflippers Mon 01-Jul-13 05:40:35

Ooh I'll have a look at the tamoxifen thread, didn't know it wasn't just for BC thanks. No point going to sleep now kids will be up in a minute! When were you diagnosed malteser?

malteserzz Mon 01-Jul-13 05:34:00

Hope you're asleep now ?
Sorry to hear you're feeling yukky
I'm waiting for a date to start chemo for breast cancer which is why I'm not sleeping well either!
We have a few ladies going through it now on the tamoxifen thread if you want to join us and loads that have been through chemo and have tips it's not just for BC and everyone is v lovely and helpful
Sorry couldn't cheer you up though smile

flippyflippers Mon 01-Jul-13 05:02:06

Bump? The kittens aren't working any more sad

flippyflippers Mon 01-Jul-13 04:08:48

Aww cute, thanks sashh smile

sashh Mon 01-Jul-13 03:59:53

These always cheer me up

flippyflippers Mon 01-Jul-13 03:53:21

Had my first chemo dose on wed for hodgkins. Didn't feel too bad for the first few days. But now I feel horrible and I can't sleep! Someone cheer me up please?!

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