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Breast cancer

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Paddlinglikehell Thu 11-Jul-13 00:13:27

Fingers and everything else crossed for you.

MaryAnnSingleton Wed 10-Jul-13 12:52:39

yep, well done for getting through this bit and hope recovery is nice and quick smile

malteserzz Wed 10-Jul-13 12:44:06

That's one hurdle over wishing you z speedy recovery and hope it doesn't take too long for your results x

wouldratherbeonthebeach Wed 10-Jul-13 10:21:59

Thanks all, had op yesterday and hoping to go home later today. They thought It was going be last night but it got too late. They said it went well but won't know anymore til after the histology reports etc which won't be ready til next week. Thanks for the support xxx

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 08-Jul-13 07:56:13

good luck wouldrather -will be thinking of you x

UserError Sun 07-Jul-13 23:07:26

About 18 months ago, I was where you are now. The injection is fine, it will sting and hurt a bit, but it's done so quickly! I was only 27 when I was diagnosed and my DS was only 15 months old. You'll get through it, I promise. Best of luck for tomorrow. thanks

Paddlinglikehell Sun 07-Jul-13 23:05:40

Horrible waiting I am sure. Hope it goes OK tomorrow.


wouldratherbeonthebeach Sun 07-Jul-13 22:07:15

Thanks my op has been postponed til Tuesday shock
Really struggling with everything, had pre op on friday and having sentinel node injection tomorrow, really nervous.
DC took it well, ds1 is 13 and came back with a list of questions, the others weren't too bothered for now, will wait and see how they are over the week

Paddlinglikehell Sat 06-Jul-13 01:09:14

Wouldrather. - Telling your DM must have been hard. Hope it went OK with dcs. Before I found out what mine was, I thought about what it would be like to tell dd, not easy.

The cancer nurse rang me today, to confirm the details of my procedure, she said what I have is Atypical ductal hyperplasia - been googling and wish I hadn't!, but it is nothing really compared to what you are going through.

Is it tomorrow you have the lumpectomy? If so, best of luck and let us know.

malteserzz Thu 04-Jul-13 10:00:40

Go and see your gp and ask about sleeping tablets, lack of sleep makes everything seem worse I've been on them since I was dx, trying to cut down but they have really kept me going
I can relate to being strong for everyone else I do that too its horrible feeling that you're upsetting the ones you love
Good luck with telling the dcs x

wouldratherbeonthebeach Thu 04-Jul-13 05:57:40

That's great news paddling.
Went to see my DM who was really strong. I feel like I'm trying so hard to support everyone else and don't want them to see how I feel.
Got results of core biopsy, it isn't in the lymph nodes which is good news. I am worrying about everything and haven't slept more than 3 hours a night for a week. I have to tell my DC today which is a big hurdle.
On the positive side I've lost 4lbs this week!

malteserzz Tue 02-Jul-13 09:17:49

That's brilliant paddling smile

mermaidbutmytailfelloff Tue 02-Jul-13 08:54:55

Excellent news.

Have a wonderful holiday!

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 01-Jul-13 14:42:58

excellent news paddling - you deserve a nice treat grin !

Paddlinglikehell Mon 01-Jul-13 14:22:06


Just to let you know that the cluster they have found is benign (phew!)

However as there is some risk of this changing in the future, they are going to remove it and check the tissue in more detail.

I have been booked in for a Radioisotope Op after our holiday at the end of July. It is a general anaesthetic, but I should be a day patient.

Fingers crossed everything will be of the same type.

I will keep lurking if that's OK! Best of luck with your treatments, I now understand a little of what one goes through when bc is diagnosed.

Respect 💝

malteserzz Sun 30-Jun-13 16:04:33

Paddling good luck for tomorrow and let us know how you get on
If it is bad news everyone on here will support you the best that we can you won't go through it alone x

Paddlinglikehell Sun 30-Jun-13 15:56:44

Thank you, I feel a bit teary today, although still looking ok on the outside, for dd who is 8.

We went to Costa Coffee today and they were fundraising for BC, all wearing pink t shirts, felt a bit close to home and kept thinking, tomorrow everything could change!

Sorry, a bit dramatic, when you are all so brave. Every scenario has gone through my head!

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 30-Jun-13 14:22:49

please do come over to the tamoxifen thread, wouldratherbeonthebeach and paddlinglikehell - you'd both be very welcome and am sure that we can reassure and hand hold. There are quite a few new people just starting on treatment and between us we've probably experienced everything that bc can fling at you. Remember that breast cancer is really treatable these days. The worst bit is the unknown and the waiting. xxx

mermaidbutmytailfelloff Sun 30-Jun-13 07:54:45

Just wanted to send a hug.

For me this time was the worst, the waiting. And they can't ever tell you much about what will happen, just what the next step will be, and that was so frustrating.

My ds's were12 and 15 and I just told them I had breast cancer, that they found it early and that I would try my hardest to beat it. My eldest was a huge support for the youngest, still is actually for other stuff. I know they talked a lot about it and it helped them.

Almost 5 years ago now. It isn't a death sentence for everyone, but I know I did think it was at the time.

malteserzz Sun 30-Jun-13 07:42:05

Sorry to hear your news it is a huge shock
Please do come over to the tamoxifen thread everyone there is lovely and supportive and knows their stuff
I was dx a couple of months ago, had lumpectomy and waiting to start chemo. At least your treatment seems to be moving fast I had to wait 4 weeks for my op !

wouldratherbeonthebeach Sun 30-Jun-13 06:02:45

Thanks. I will have a look. Not had much info yet, I was feeling really positive at the beginning but now I'm petrified. Mil is dying of cancer and I'm worrying about dh.
Good luck with your results, let me know how it goes, the waiting and unknown is the worst bit

Paddlinglikehell Sun 30-Jun-13 00:15:37


So sorry to hear this, I had a routine mammogram last Monday, got recalled on Wednesday when they did an ultrasound and then a core biopsy on Thursday. Going back for the results on Monday.

I have had all sorts of things going through my mind, so can understand a little of what you must be going through.

Did they give you any more info? Timescales, grade of Tumor etc.?

There is a lovely thread 38th Tamoxifen on here, that I have lurked on, but not been brave enough to post, as may have no right to be there, it may be a bit scary and too close to home for you, but I am sure they could help with the sort of decisions that you may have to make regards telling people etc.

All you can do is take each step as it comes. I haven't mentioned it to anyone yet, apart from OH, I am so hoping it is nothing to have to tell.

wouldratherbeonthebeach Sat 29-Jun-13 23:43:07

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Thursday, so many different emotions running round my head. Told my sisters and a few friends, my mum isn't well at the moment and I have to go this week to tell her. What do I tell my dc 13,12,8 & 5? Dh is very supportive. Having a lumpectomy on Saturday, possible chemo but definitely radiotherapy. Feeling very scared right now

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