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One grommet 'not working' - anyone had experience of this?

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bumpkinmum Fri 02-Jun-06 12:28:59

My ds had grommets put in in February, when he was 1.10 months. All went well at the op (lots of fluid removed) and at the 7 week post-op checkup. He saw the audiologist yesterday, who said that whilst one was working fine, the other (although there, with no sign of infection etc) wasn't. We will see the consultant again when she has sent in her report. She (the audiologist) told me she thought it likely the consultant would prescribe drops to try to shift any blockage. Failing that he might recommend putting another grommet in.
I am anxious at the thought of him having another GA. (And slightly at the thought that the grommet might not be working because the problem in that ear is not in fact down to middle ear fluid.) Has anyone else had experience of a similar situation? What happened next? Is it too late to try cranial osteopathy?
Many thanks in advance for any help

eidsvold Fri 02-Jun-06 12:43:05

my dd1 had grommets in at her post 6 week check up one had gone already - we are now waiting until her next check up to see how it is otherwise again grommets. Am looking into cranial osteopathy but have no experience with it. The other problem my dd1 has is that she has funny shaped ear canals which also cause the wax to build up and affect her hearing.

bumpkinmum Fri 02-Jun-06 12:49:32

When you say gone do you mean it had fallen out?

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