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lichen sclerosus anyone??

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GampyWabbit Mon 17-Jun-13 23:07:09

I have had some discomfort (down below blush) on and off for the past month, which basically feels like thrush. I also discovered I had some white patches of skin there, and after seeing a doctor was refered to hospital to have it looked at.

The gynaecologist diagnosed lichen sclerosus (without biopsy) and I was told to continue using 1% hydrocortisone that had settled things down before.

So, does anyone suffer from this and if so, what are your symptoms like? Any advice gratefully received.

Pinklemon Tue 18-Jun-13 12:28:57

Hi, the standard treatment for LS is potent steroid Dermovate for the first three months. There is also this barrier cream called Paladin, used by lots of LS sufferers with good results. You can buy this from Check out the website too, loads of info there regarding LS.

GampyWabbit Tue 18-Jun-13 22:14:42

Thank you, I Will look in to those.

I am suffering a bit at the moment, although it is bearable. This is the second flare up I have had, and first one was a few weeks ago - am I likely to experience regular flare ups like this? Do you think I wasn't offered full treatment as have not been officially diagnosed??

Thanks for all info!

Pinklemon Wed 19-Jun-13 12:17:40

You can ask for a definite diagnosis by having a biopsy but some gynaecologists or dermatogists who have experience with LS can diagnose without a biopsy. But the standard treatment for LS is a potent steroid Dermovate for the first three months then less frequently or on a as need basis. This should hopefully keep the condition under control. Use epaderm ointment or emulsifying ointment to wash.

Pinklemon Wed 19-Jun-13 12:23:02

Check out this website worldwide lichen sclerosus support. This is a very good site and there is this lady there called Fabia whom you can contact regarding LS.

Parmaviolet123 Wed 08-Feb-17 10:10:47

I've just been diagnosed with this after having a tiny patch that itches now and then for about a year. In the last two months I've developed a larger patch on other side....both on outer labia. Am worried about it spreading and of cancer risk 😢

Nearlyhadenough Wed 08-Feb-17 20:24:04

I was diagnosed with LS (no biopsy) last July. I had been having itchy spells for ages - I put it down to using to much bubble bath or the frequent changing of tampons and pads due to heavy periods. It wasn't until I actually took a look and got a bit of a shock... The whole area was white. Off to doctor via Dr Google! I've probably had it for years.

I was given steroid cream to apply, returned to GP after 6 weeks to check it all again and told to get checked every 6 months.

I have flare ups continually. I am constantly sore. It doesn't help that I have very heavy periods so continually changing protection and having to wash more than usual doesn't help.

LDNChic Sat 29-Apr-17 21:02:01

I too have LS sad and I HATE it! It went into remission a couple of years back, but has started flaring up again recently. Just so damn uncomfortable. Have been trying to find alternative ways to deal with it as steroid cream is no good. Trying a gluten free diet ATM, but have had 2 flare ups, so not sure it's working. Have been reading about low oxolate diet, plus paladin cream. Has anyone got any tips? Feel like I'm dealing with this alone, as sadly my husband does not understand how it feels. I wish there were some more research about this disease. We're always told it's rare, but whilst I've never met another sufferer (who talks about that kind of stuff?) I've come across tons of people online. TTC ATM too, which is not fun. We're 1.5 years in shock!

Bitethedust Sat 29-Apr-17 21:19:48

Nearly, , i've just discovered tranexamic acid for heavy periods - amazingly effective! Reduced flow by about 60% within the first day. Ott or prescription

Bitethedust Sat 29-Apr-17 21:20:32

Oh, old thread

LDNChic Sat 29-Apr-17 21:23:30

An old thread, but some recent posts!

liverpoolnana Sun 30-Apr-17 10:23:37

In a way, I've got the opposite problem, in that I was shocked when I looked in the mirror to see how dark my skin was in the groin folds. It's itchy and sore, too, but Sudocrem or TCP helps. OK, I'm vastly overweight, which means that the skin there hardly ever sees the light of day, but I would dearly love to get rid of it. I read somewhere that darkening skin could be a sign of liver problems, but it was a bit vague. Should I go to the GP?

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