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20 Month Daughter with diarreah for 8 days & very sore bum

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mazs81 Thu 18-May-06 16:08:48

My 20 month old daughter has bad terrible diarreah for 8 days and counting. It is showing no signs of calming down. The poor thing wakes up every morning covered in poo, so she needs a bath, her bum is so sore, i cant even leave her with a nappy off as she starts scratching until she draws blood.
I have had her to the doctor and nurse and a sample was sent off today for analysis, until that comes back there is nothing they can really do for her.
Any ideas anyone?

Roobie Thu 18-May-06 16:12:12

My dd had a constant runny bottom for seemingly ages a while back. We didn't go to the doctors but I gave her some natural probiotics (Banana Acidopholus Plus - from Biocare) and she got back to normal pretty quickly. I don't knwo whether this would help but when insides are in a turmoil it might neutralise whatever nasty bacteria are in there (not sure of the science so could be talking rubbish!)

Kidstrack Thu 18-May-06 16:14:36

egg white smeared over her bottom and put nappy back on, a friends baby ds had really sore bum in hospital and the nurses done this to heal it

mazs81 Thu 18-May-06 16:14:56

Im sure your not talking rubbish! Anything is worth a try.
thanks for replying

mazs81 Thu 18-May-06 16:17:05

wow, never heard of egg white beofre, think we might have a go at that!

BagelBird Thu 18-May-06 16:19:22

My two have had similar bugs in the past - it is horrible for them.
I found that I was bathing mine four or five times a day as it seemed the only place that they were relaxed and comfortable when they had very sore bottoms. I kept a big tub of bubbles to play with (blowing bubbles, not bubbles for the water) and let them play.
I am sure you are using loads of barrier cream to ease the redness - only stops a certain amount of damage though.
I found that avoiding all dairy helped calm an upset system. My hv recommended it and it does seem to work - apparently it is very common for young children to become lactose intolerant temporarily after an upset system - so could be worth trying to stay away - did your GP give you any advixe re. food?
If she is waking up dirty, is there any way you can check her a few times through the night? I know it is exhausting but the sooner a dirty nappy is changed, the less skin damage and it might only be for a few more nights.
My sympathies, hope she is better soon xx

Kidstrack Thu 18-May-06 16:21:10

mazs my friends baby had meningitis 5yrs ago and his body was being pumped full of antibiotics, he therefore had very bad bottom and when the nurse said theres only one way to heal it, she came back with an egg from the fridge, and me and my friend just looked at her seperating the white from the yolk and smearing it on his wee bum. We laugh about it now, but poor baby had to be brought back to life twice, he's now a bouncing 6yr old

madmarchhare Thu 18-May-06 16:21:50

You could try Diarolyte(sp?).

mazs81 Thu 18-May-06 16:27:15

the doctor was useless and didnt even bother to look at her bum, butwhen i took her back 2 days later to the nurse she was much more helpful and told me to aviod dairy products etc.
We were on holiday last week at center parcs so she spent a lot of time in the pool, i wondered if this had anything to do with it?

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