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Gp has confused me

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MarathonMama Fri 26-Apr-13 08:43:26

Hi, I have been suffering from carpal tunnel so the GP sent me to have blood and thyroid tests. The thyroid tests were fine but the blood test showed that I was anaemic. I already take an iron supplement (spatone) and there's iron in my vitamins so I don't understand how I can still be anaemic. He's given me some tablets and we're g

grumpygov Fri 26-Apr-13 08:47:42

Multivitamins and spatone both only contain a small amount of iron so they may not contain enough for you. I would expect them to address the cause of the anaemia (anaemia is usually a symptom rather than an illness in itself) though - is there any obvious reason like heavy periods? If not they should be checking for other illnesses TBH.

And avoiding tea at mealtimes, taking vitamin c rich food/drink with iron rich foods will all help you to absorb the iron better

MarathonMama Fri 26-Apr-13 13:39:50

Thanks, excuse my original message, DD posted it before I'd finished! The GP said we'd retest in a couple of months to see where it's at.

I had a baby just over 12 months ago so the gp thinks it may be that. My period has only just restarted after bf and is quite heavy on the first two days (I go through a super plus tampon in a couple of hours) but then it is over fairly quickly.

Interestingly the buzzing in my finger (which prompted the carpal tunnel diagnosis) has gone but I now have buzzing in my foot!

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