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Well, I went to see my Gp about Dh's suspected sleep apnea...

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Sonaive Fri 19-Apr-13 09:53:10


I know he can't do anything without Dh's consent, I'm in healthcare myself but he just gave off fuck off vibes really.

He didn't mention sleep studies at all, but that I should record Dh's snoring as apparently some sleep apnea can be diagnosed this way. Wtaf? As if any medic would diagnose on the basis of a recording that could be anybody? I could download a snore off youtube and record that couldn't I? It's open to abuse.

I had two sleep apps running last night, despite him snoring loudly they didn't pick anything up. He said I can tape him on the ipad.

Dh is booked to see the gp next week, the gp says he'll raise it with him and that he has to tell Dh that I've been to see him today. Which will cause a row because he thinks I snore and it wakes me up and I blame him for it.

I feel like crap now, he says not breathing for 20 seconds is probably not even clinically significant to how dh feels, I went with him to work today and he wakes up so tired and with horrible headaches. He also has a swelling on his thyroid which I think is pressing on his throat and making it worse.

Dh went to bed at 8pm last night, we have no life together. I know no matter what the weathers like over the summer we will be in the house, him lying in bed and me going slowly out of my mind.

Last week dh had a theory he has candida infection and that's what's dragging him down.

I haven't bothered booking a holiday this year because he spent half of the last one complaining of headaches and lying in bed, I can watch tv at home why travel and spend £1000 to do it somewhere else?.

I'm going to research other Gp practices today.

Sonaive Fri 19-Apr-13 09:53:39

Sorry that was longer than I thought.

CajaDeLaMemoria Fri 19-Apr-13 09:58:51

What did you expect the GP to do?

He really can't discuss this with you. None of it. It's dodgy ground. If you'd gone in asking about sleep apnea randomly, he may have given you general information, but once you mentioned your absent DP you made it very awkward for the doctor.

You need to send your DP, or take him with you, and explain everything together. That said, if your DP blames you for the snoring and thinks he has a candida infection, does he believe he has sleep apnea?

Diagnosis will usually take place at a sleep clinic, where they will monitor and record. Snoring can also indicate where breathing has stopped.

I know you are frustrated, but you put your doctor up against a wall of red tape, so it's understandable that he felt awkward. I think your frustrations should be pointed towards your DP, who doesn't seem to be doing much to get this sorted if it's been going on since last year.

Melissakitkat Fri 19-Apr-13 10:01:59

Hiya, my dh suffers from this am sure - he snores really loudly and sort of holds his breath at times. He lays there like a dead log and used to feel really tired and grumpy during the day. I wear ear plugs so the sound never bothered me but felt he was not getting a good nights sleep and this was impacting our weekends as he would fall asleep on the sofa during the day as he was so tired. So we searched and bought the 'sleepguard' from amazon - think it was about £25. It's a mouth guard you wear at night and it repositions your jaw and mouth so that it does not close up - hard to explain. Dh says its a bit weird to start with but he soon got used to it and when he wears it he sleeps better and is less tired. He has also lost a stone in weight which also helped. Do a search on amazon for it / I think it even had a money back guarantee - for us it was a revelation! Hth mel x

Fragglewump Fri 19-Apr-13 10:04:55

It sounds like the problem might be between you and your dh not with your gp????

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