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migraines in children

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bigdonna Fri 12-May-06 22:45:03

just wondering if anyone elses children have headaches so much my ds has been having headaches for 2 yrs now .he was off school for 6 weeks then the dr said it was sinuses about 10 infections later we were referred to specialist he thinks its migraines,we were booked in for a mri this week but my ds8 freaked he was so far this week he has had 3 headaches.we have another appointment with consultant next wednesday.does anyone know if they can find out what it is without having mri scan.

bigdonna Fri 12-May-06 22:46:27

also forgot to says his eyes are quite often bloodshot.

festiveface Fri 12-May-06 22:51:05

the bloodshot eyes sounds like an allergy maybe?

my ds1 suffered frequent headaches when he was 8, sometimes he would be sick aswell.
the g.p referred us to the hospital but all they did was ask questions and said it was just headaches, no sinister cause.
eventually (should have thought sooner) i got his eyes tested and he turned out to be longsighted. after he got his glasses the headaches lessened a hell of a lot ut still gets them every now and then.
was sent home from school with one last week.
don't know exactly what the cause is but he is 10 now and still here so not too worried.
hope you get him sorted soon.

edam Fri 12-May-06 22:54:30

Presumably specialist suggested that based on description of symptoms? I had migraines from about the age of 7, so it can happen.

SaintGeorge Sat 13-May-06 15:58:09

My brother was diagnosed with migraines at about 6 or 7 years old. He has suffered ever since (now in his forties) but by keeping a diary when he was younger, my mum was able to pin point a lot of his 'triggers'.

Eye test would seem the obvious first choice for your ds.

PinkTulips Sat 13-May-06 16:09:04

i've been getting migraines my whole life, i remember having them as young as three but they were never diagnosed properly, my mother always just called them 'one of your headaches'. missed mountains of school over them and used to even be allowed to leave without them ringing home as the teachers all knew how quickly they came on and that i just had to get home as soon as possible.

the basic signs that it's a migraine and not a headache are the nausea that accompanies a migraine, i usually spend as much time hanging over the toilet puking as in bed when i have one. most people will also get one or all of these; severe aversion to light, over sensitivity to sound, over sensitivity to smells (to the point where any smell, strong or otherwise, will make you vomit).

the only way to relieve a migraine is to lie in a darkened, quiet room and try and get some sleep. for some people they'll pass when they get some sleep, for others they continue for days each time.

HTH, and really hope your poor little ds doesn't have them. good luck

lulabelle Sun 14-May-06 11:59:14

hi, i used to suffer at school too, i was always sent home by lunchtime at one point, it turned out that we found cheese and chocolate and too much dairy triggered them but the school trigger was actually the lighting, even now I can sit or be near wall lights as that will set them off, i was given tiny little sugar coated pills which helped loads but after puberty they wore off almost completely, the last one I had was a couple of christmases ago and i think was caused by flashing tree lights as they were in view of the tv. hope he feels better soon, they are awful and you are always waiting for the next one.

bigdonna Mon 15-May-06 21:24:21

thanks for all your replies,he does feel sick and dizzy but this also happens when he has a sinus infection oh and by the way he has worn glasses since aged 4 and has tests done every 6 mths.he does seem to miss some mornings from school but he is a bright child(we all say that but he is) thanks we are seeing the consultant on wednesday.

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