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Do you think I should get a 2nd opinion?

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MegaClutterSlut Wed 27-Mar-13 12:39:46

Had a colposcopy 2 weeks ago today. Since the saturday after (2 days before my period) I had intense burning in my pelvis and leg. On the sunday it felt like my left ovary was on fire. Every day since I've had a dull ache/sharp throbbing which feels like it's in my left ovary, backache, leg pain, bad pelvic and groin pain with burning and tingling sensation. It's literally all day long and pain killers don't touch it

I went to the doctors today and she thinks I've pulled a muscle getting onto the chair at the colposcopy clinic confused I really don't think it is. I know I'm not a doctor but I thought it could be an ovarian cyst? would be greatful for opinions TIA )

digerd Wed 27-Mar-13 17:34:54

Doesn't sound anything like a pulled muscle to me, and caused by getting into/onto the chair??

Pulled muscles hurt when you use them, not when you don't.
I'd seek another opinion.

gingeroots Wed 27-Mar-13 17:43:31

I agree with digerd .

Can you ring colposcopy clinic and speak to them ?

Or if not go to A&E .

Sounds awful ,lots of sympathy and strength to get it sorted .

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