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Help - dentist cracked my tooth during routine filling replacement

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Nordcelt Fri 22-Mar-13 08:59:20

Hi, has anyone ever had a dentist cause damage to their teeth putting in a filling? I've just had another dentist confirm that the tooth is cracked and wondering what to do next?
It needs to be crowned but I don't want the same guy doing it again so have moved practice. It was a private composite filling carried out at an NHS practice and the crown is going to cost upwards of £600 to replace with new private dentist!!

differentnameforthis Fri 22-Mar-13 09:21:22

Need more details. Same tooth that he filled? Different tooth? How do you know he cracked it?

Nordcelt Tue 26-Mar-13 14:01:49

Hi, both molars filled on one side, but now one week later wondering if both are now cracked and not just one. New dentist confirmed by using light and another instrument that she asked me to bite down on to localise the pain. She confirmed it was between two cusps of the second last molar right next to the last molar. Went back to see original dentist since last post and he has refunded the £200+ I paid for the two fillings and suggested that the new dentist make sure I don't need a root canal! He seemed completely unsurprised by the finding...Pain straight after chewing anything for about a week. Now constant ache, sensitivity to cold drinks and can't chew at all without pain on that side. Waiting for new dentist to return from holidays to fix crown etc...

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