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constantly ill for 3 months - could this be serious?

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alisunshine29 Tue 19-Mar-13 22:30:43

I had the flu 3 months ago and since then the longest I've been well is a couple of days. I am extremely tired - falling asleep by 9pm usually whereas I previously was up til at least midnight without feeling tired. My body aches, I have a fever/chills for a couple of days each week. I've lost my appetite and over a stone. A few times one side of my face has gone droopy/my eye has been swollen like with conjunctivitis. It hurts to raise my eyes, I have headaches every couple of days, feel nausea and dizzy too. I keep getting sore throats and cold symptoms too. The soonest I can get into the doctors is a fortnight but was wondering if anyone had any ideas what could be wrong in the meantime?

lisad123everybodydancenow Tue 19-Mar-13 22:53:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jux Tue 19-Mar-13 23:14:00

Yes, get to a doc. Why can you not go for a fortnight?

tabbycat15 Wed 20-Mar-13 13:26:14

I would go to an OOH dr or ring health direct for advice. A droopy face could be Bella Palsy.

tabbycat15 Wed 20-Mar-13 13:26:36


SoggySummer Sat 23-Mar-13 00:21:06

The droopy face sounds bad and I would demand an emergency appointment. It maybe Bells Palsy.

I have similar symptoms except the droopy face but have had leg weekness as well as as overall weak feeling. My GP has just run a million blood tests including CMV and Glandular fever.

mizu Sat 23-Mar-13 21:05:50

I have had similar symptons apart from the droopy face. Had flu 3 days after Xmas and was in bed for 3 days. Since then i haven't been 100%. Am a teacher and have really struggled this term. Been on antibiotics twice, chest infection, cold, sore throats, constant tiredness and just not feeling right.

Blood tests have shown that I have had influenza type A and B which are strains of swine flu. It takes ages to get over and my problem has been that I haven't taken any proper rest.

Go to the doctor - call on Monday and get an emergency appointment, you don't want to be waiting for 2 weeks.

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