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persistent runny nose

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jamiesam Sun 07-May-06 21:33:23

Yes, I know, it's hardly life or death. But ds1 (4.5) has had a snotty nose since some time in January. It appears to dry up sometimes, but only for an hour or so. For a long time I just thought that it was a series of colds that it seems everyone has had this winter/spring. But now I'm beginning to wonder...

It's even getting to him, he was asking dh slightly tearfully this am if we could stop his nose running. Will take him to pharmacist later this week, but in the meantime wondered if anyone else had any ideas? Oh, and he has no allergies to my knowledge.

Beauregard Sun 07-May-06 21:34:37

Allergic rhinitus?

starlover Sun 07-May-06 21:38:33

i bet it is an allergy to something.
housedust mite?

jamiesam Sun 07-May-06 21:39:09

oh god, googled allergic rhinitus and it translates as mould allergy. My house is pretty dirty, but mouldy???

jamiesam Sun 07-May-06 21:41:02

oh nooooo. I thought a bit of dirt was good for children. But ds1 hasn't been unwell with his persistent cold, so I'm afraid you might well be right. Is an allergy something that is permanent once 'caught'?

QE Sun 07-May-06 21:43:10

jamiesam, isn't it just something to do with the time of year, lots of colds about. As soon as they get over one they get another.

My 2 youngest are the snottiest 2 in Britain atm or so it seems. They are 3 and 16 months and I was beginning to wonder if they have hay fever or something?

Horrible though isn't it having snotty kids?

jamiesam Sun 07-May-06 21:51:50

QE - I think I'm mainly suspicious because it's been going on so long and because ds2 isn't getting the same colds although they go to the same nursery and share the same bedroom (and cot bed half the time!)

But thanks for the advice not to over react, I was hoping for lots of people to come out of the woodwork and say 'yes, my kids too'

QE Sun 07-May-06 21:57:11

My youngest have also had runny noses since January - I put it down to being back at playgroup for my 3 year old. I often wonder about taking them to the docs about it but I think I'd feel silly saying, "erm, well they've got runny noses" I can imagine the doc sending me away with a box of tissues!

I was wondering if piriton might be worth a try or something like that to dry it up?

jamiesam Sun 07-May-06 22:06:53

Thanks, voice of reason - piriton looks like it's over the counter and for some reason the syrup doesn't have the range of side affects of (adult) piriton. No doubt lovely pharmacist will sell us that and some hankies and a lollipop or two.

jamiesam Sun 21-May-06 20:24:12

quick update in case anyone interested.

Took ds1 to the chemist, who suggested he try otrivine for a week, but if it didn't work, might need gp to refer to ent at hosp.

Otrivine didn't work so went to drs last thurs. He prescribed anti-b's for a week but warns that if that doens't work, ds1 will have to try a long course of anti-histamines. Dr suggested it could be a low grade (?) infection that ds1 is struggling to shift. And this is a dr who's NEVER given us anything when we've seen him before!

So if your ds/dd has had a snotty nose since god was a boy...

I think the anti-b's might be working though

23balloons Sun 21-May-06 20:31:07

ds2 had glue ear when he was little and a persistent runny nose for about a year. I think a lot of it was connected to teething with him. I got referred to ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) and after a month or so on low dose antibiotics his nose cleared. That was nearly 2 years ago and I don't think he has had a runny nose since.

Hope it works for you.

jamiesam Sun 21-May-06 20:37:12

Thanks 23balloons - was reassuring that dr took me (well, ds1!) seriously, but even better to know that anti-b's have worked for someone else.

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