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Very down after seeing GP

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Salteena Mon 11-Mar-13 10:16:18

I don't often post in health but about a month ago I asked for advice about my increasingly painful, achey arms....Vitamin D deficiency was mentioned as a possible cause.

Well, I put off going to the GP as I usually do (I rarely feel I'm ill enough to 'bother' them), but the arm pain developed into joint pain, hip and leg pain, in fact all-over-body pain, as though my actual bones were aching. Add to that a very stiff neck, which is unusual; disturbed sleep pattern, feeling depressed, increasingly frequent migraine-like headaches and sometimes a really weird tightening feeling in my chest - not pain, but a squeezing sensation.

I know chest problems shouldn't really be ignored so I did make an appt, after a struggle. Had to wait 3 weeks in fact, and even then couldn't get to see my normal GP.

Anyway, I came away feeling as though I could burst into tears, which is not me at all. He sent me for bloods but flatly refused to add a check of my Vitamin D levels. Apparently it's VERY uncommon for people to be deficient, he says - which is not the impression I get from these threads. I asked him twice (politely I might add) and he just said no. He also mentioned that it 'costs money' for that particular test and he'd only start to even consider it if some of the other results indicated there might be a need. Am menopausal btw, but don't have any of the usual troublesome symptoms with that.

Basically he thought I just had 'wear and tear'. Which I know is perfectly likely to be a factor with some of it, but I've been feeling so increasingly wretched that I find it hard to believe there isn't something more happening.

I know it must be infuriating for doctors when patients come in having semi-diagnosed themselves, but I feel, really, pretty much dismissed as a time-waster. He wasn't what you'd call empathetic.

Sorry this is so long but I just wanted to blurt it all out, as there's no-one to talk to about this! AIBU to feel sad?

nanatothree Mon 11-Mar-13 21:42:57

I was diagnosed vit.D deficient after a thyroid op, felt ok first then suddenly very painful hips and legs (pain seemed to be in bones themselves if that makes sense). No strength hardly to walk 100 yards -never felt so bad in my life. Phoned hospital and consultant said maybe low on vit d and he would test for it. GP said it was just because of surgery etc and basically wouldn't entertain the idea. Anyway hospital phoned with result to say rather low at 16. After doing my own research on internet- there is lots of info - even nhs recomend high dose for about 8 weeks and then retest, GP apologised and said he didn't know much about it!! Anyway all he could say is buy your own so I did. Bought from UK company and took high dose for 8 weeks and GP retested and at optimum level and boy did I feel better. Had more strength, wasn't feeling at the point of collapse, could sleep better I just knew thats what it was.
GP said he would retest in six months so didn't take any more and couldn't wait to get test done as started to feel awful again but very curious to see result. And guess what I phoned for results and doc said they didn't send as was expensive test!!! Going to go private and pay for my own in future but believe me most people will not know how a lack of vit d will make you feel. By the way what they sell in chemists is way too low!!

nanatothree Mon 11-Mar-13 22:01:24

I should mention the lack of vit d had nothing to do with the thyroid op it was just lucky my consultant said it could be a lack of vit d from my symptoms. After the fiasco with my GP I have his agreement to treat myself "as it makes you feel better". He should have given me a pat on the head as well!!!!
I am the biggest convert to supplementing with vit d3 going.
By the way its D3 to take and not D2

smee Tue 12-Mar-13 11:12:13

Nanatothree, no I am the biggest convert! grin

Haven't read the whole thread, but I've had lots of aches. Not too surprising as went through early menopause due to Breast Cancer treatment. I thought aches were just down to that, but someone on the Tamoxifen thread told me to take D3 and omg what a difference. I haven't bothered with GP, just researched it and bought myself to try - been on them for about 6 weeks now. Seriously though just do it. I feel so much better. smile

frostyfingers Tue 12-Mar-13 11:29:21

I think sometimes it's difficult for GP's to appreciate the impact the inability to do something or the pain of doing something has on you. My mum who was felled by a major stroke aged 70 5 years ago and had previously been very active - walking, riding, etc was effectively told that she was lucky to be alive, just about walking and get on with it. She was well aware that of all of that, but her efforts to try and improve her mobility to somewhere near her original levels were completely dismissed.

I have terrible back pain, permanent bursitis in both hips and shoulder pain after an accident for which I have to take pain relief regularly - if I request a different treatment or stronger pain relief I'm often greeted with disbelief - fgs woman, you're upright and mobile, what more do you want - is the feeling I get from them. It's very disheartening. Best of luck getting it resolved, def demand to see a different doctor too.

Oblomov Tue 12-Mar-13 11:58:52

GP sound very dissmissive. You must go back and see a different GP.

ParsingFancy Fri 05-Apr-13 16:03:31

So, having lurked on this thread, I've finally paid to have my Vit D levels tested.

They've come back as 27.0 nmol/L, or just into Deficiency rather than Insufficiency.

Can I ask those who've had doctors take their deficiency seriously, or who saw big improvements, whether that sounds outrageously low, or just a bit low?

I also have a GP who looks me straight in the eye and says M.E. is a sign of attention seeking and Munchausens, and I haven't really debilitatingly ill for nearly a decade. So I'm not really thinking of going there for help.

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