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Oral contraceptives to treat migraines... seekign advice/recommendations

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HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 16-Feb-13 23:18:04

I took cerazette (POP) for contraception - I get migraines. Thinking about it though, they have massively improved since I stopped it (TTC'd, now pregnant). I am wondering how much diet affects me. I have IBS and reduced my wheat intake to help that - since then, I've had migraines a lot less often as long as I avoid other triggers (goats cheese, dark chocolate, red wine). I'm not sure that the pill itself particularly helped my migraines....

Zoonose Fri 15-Feb-13 17:01:21

The combined pill is bad for migraines as it enforces an oestrogen drop at every pill free week. I always got migraine with my period when on this pill ie during the pill free week. Apparently the mini pill can help as it is progestogen only. My dr recommended this although I have not tried it. I am considering it as at 35 i am regularly getting migraine type headaches both mid and start cycle. However at present as long as i catch them at the start and take paracetamol with caffeine they fade in an hour or so.

Strix Fri 15-Feb-13 16:37:15

The drug whose name I couldn't remember in the last post was pizotifen. Makes you hungry and fat. Aint that attractive? Oh, and didn't effect the headaches one bit.

Strix Fri 15-Feb-13 16:30:28

I think it's margraineurs with aura who are not supposed to take combined pill. But then there is a lot of information out there to say the combined pill is what helps mraine sufferes. It has to do with reducing the drop in estrogen because the combined pill still gives you some estrogen.

The fact that it provides birth control is neither here nor there. The only reason I would do this is because it's probably next on the list of things that might help the headaches.

I hav been through:
pain killers (waste of time)
triptans (they work but seems to eat a lot of them and not sure thats a good thig)
blood pressure medicne (bad idea, brethless upon running, really kind scary)
I tried something else once. Can't remember what it was called but made me REALLY tired and that's no good either.

So, what pills have people taken? Combined? Mini?

NorthernLurker Fri 15-Feb-13 15:07:23

I think my migraines have got worse since I stopped taking the (mini) pill - nearly 5 years ago. But on the other hand it could be something that's happened anyway. At your age I don't think an oral contraceptive is a good idea unless you need to for contraception. What are you using now?

Plopsicle Fri 15-Feb-13 15:04:51

I had to stop taking the pill because of migraines and have only had them infrequently since.

I've never heard of the pill being used as treatment of migraines.

What kind of pain relief has your GP offered you?

CajaDeLaMemoria Fri 15-Feb-13 14:50:29

You'll probably find that it makes them worse.

I've tried all types of the pill, and they all made migraines worse. It's in the pharmaceutical guidance that they should not be prescribed to people who suffer severe headaches or migraines.

I have a friend who had the implant fitted last month to ease her headaches, but I don't know if it's worked. I think she was advised to leave it for some time before making her mind up.

cantpooinpeace Fri 15-Feb-13 14:48:05

It made my headaches far worse hmm

bonzo77 Fri 15-Feb-13 14:47:16

Usually the pill is not recommended if you suffer migraines. It can make them worse. Severe headaches (which I realise are not the same as migraine) are a side effect of the pill and if you get them you are meant to stop taking them.

Strix Fri 15-Feb-13 14:34:48

Any advice experience most welcome.

I am considering asking the GP for a pill (or implant, or jab) for the purpose of reducing my migraines, which do seem to be worse around my time of the month.

I will try anything.

I do not get aura, but I am 43. So I think the combined pill might be an option. But not sure.

Oh, and if you have experience, please tell me which pill/jab/implant/drug.


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