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Poo, poo and more poo (12 month old DS, not me!)

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Crimebusterofthesea Wed 13-Feb-13 16:00:54

Every day my 12 month old DS does the most disgusting poo, normally twice. The best way to describe it is probably 'loose'. It isn't watery so I wouldn't class it as diarrhoea (sorry, TMI) but it isn't solid by any means, more like chocolate mousse (again, sorry). I'm worried that he could be allergic to something but he has no other symptoms. He is teething, so it could be that, but he hasn't had a solid poo or pulled his poo face in ages. Has anyone else experienced this? He has a really good diet and does eat a lot of onions, garlic, spices and lentils as that's just what we tend to eat. Don't want to worry unnecessarily but would like to get back to the solid poo if poss. TIA!

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