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Think I have problem with Demodex mites. Anyone know how to kill them?

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Shybairns Fri 08-Feb-13 16:51:35

In bed at night I can feel them crawling all over my body and scalp. In the day I am mostly bothered with them in my hair. I have lost hair due to this problem.

Would be so greatful for advice. Seeing GP on monday and hope he knows what they are!

saycheeeeeese Fri 08-Feb-13 16:54:52

Are you sure they are mites?

When im going through a particularly stressful time I feel like I have insects crawling over me, I lost hair from scratching so bad after dd was born, turns out I had PND. (I was convinced we had a flea infestation from our cats).

Maybe im barking up the wrong tree?

Shybairns Fri 08-Feb-13 16:59:09

No that is also possible saycheeeeese. Back in the summer a couple of months after my h had moved out I had the constant feeling that bugs were crawling on my scalp. Was horrid. No visible signs of bugs and wasn't nits. It lasted a couple of weeks then eased off.

But I have been reading up on Demodex mites and it does sound like what I am experiencing. Apparently rocesea sufferers get them quite badly too.

Shybairns Fri 08-Feb-13 18:18:54


Shybairns Fri 08-Feb-13 19:51:53


toomuch2young Sat 09-Feb-13 19:25:12

Humans don't get the same demodex that dogs get.
Demodex species infecting humans is very rare and usually only effects the face not all over the body. A lot of healthy people have some demodex happily living in our eyebrows and eyelashes not causing any harm at all. Only when you get an outbreaks of them do they cause any problem.
Without any visible skin effects the chances of you having an outbreak is absolutely minuscule.
Have you checked for head lice?
It sounds to me most likely it is psychological itching which often stems from anxiety - though that is just a guess and it's a great idea you are getting checked by a doctor.

Shybairns Sat 09-Feb-13 20:27:20

Thats very reasurring toomuch2young thank you.

I think it must be psychological. Though I sprayed my hair and body with Vosene Tea tree oil spray yesterday and before bed. I felt less itchy. Tea tree is one of the ways to get rid of Demodex. Was that psychological?

eicosapentaenoic Sun 10-Mar-13 20:53:18

Could this be bed bugs? Any tiny spots of blood on sheets?

There are some neuro conditions that give this sensation and I would be thinking about allergy too.

Everyone has demodex naturally - have you lost any eyebrows or eyelashes? or got any signs of blepharitis?

Agree with doing a headlice comb-through using tea tree conditioner, just in case.

camMc9 Mon 10-Jul-17 13:12:31

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