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Could all this be related or am I clutching at straws?

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mynaughtylittlesister Sat 29-Dec-12 23:15:38

I kept on getting large cysts while I was on the mirena coil, Gyne dr recommended that I have the mirena coil removed and see what happened. Cysts disappeared thankfully but in replace I had heavy painful periods every 3 weeks and really bad ovulation pain. Saw the Gyne Dr again and she recommended that I had an ablation of the womb and a copper coil inserted. So I had this done just over 3 months ago.

Since the ablation and the copper coil I have felt rubbish. I had lots of pain after the ablation and a UTI, after the 1st week I had really really bad ovulation pain which actually took me to calling GP as I thought something serious was happening as I hadn't had that pain for ovulating before. Since then I was still bleeding (painfully) every 3 weeks but very lightly and ovulating (painfully) in between. The last time I ovulated (painfully) I never had my period after??!! Also since having this procedure done I have experienced every 2 weeks a really horrible feeling, almost nervous/sicky tummy but its not in my stomach but just below my belly button, it can last anything from 12 to 48 hrs and is really unpleasant. I can still eat etc but at the time I am worrying myself, it took a few times to twig that it keeps on happening and the odd thing is it always happens on a Friday!

I am due to see the Gyne Dr in March but was wondering whether I should pop to GP in the meantime - I have been wondering whether I am having some sort of reaction to the copper coil.

Thanks if you have got this far

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