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Fused lumbar spine/sacrum

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Onebadbackandalostpelvicfloor Fri 16-Nov-12 18:33:21

I am so confused. Apparently my back pain and sciatica may be as a result of a birth 'defect' (for want of a better term) in so far as my L5 appears to be fused to my sacrum. An MRI has been ordered to confirm but erm what the actual fuck??

Any thoughts or views??

peacefuleasyfeeling Fri 16-Nov-12 21:25:40

Wow, my DP has exactly this! At 48, he functions perfectly well as long as he keeps light and limber. He enjoys an active outdoorsy life, lots of allotment digging, chainsawing and chopping wood, cycling and rambling. He has a rigorous exercise regime, which he is convinced keeps him out of trouble (with his back), and if he lets it lapse he will easily pull muscles in the lower back and develop sciatic pain. He is certain he sees a direct correlation between his weight and back health, hence he doggedly keeps his weight down. He does have a slightly mincing walk (amazing salsa dancer!) which I blame on the fuse, though wink . I'm pretty sure his back benefits from some of the supplements he takes; glucosamine and omega oils for instance. He also finds infra-red heat helpful and regularly uses the infra-red sauna box at the gym. He sees a chiropractor every now and then, for maintenance as well as for clearing up any problems which occasionally arise. We are both qualified massage therapists (he still practices although I "retired" after the birth of DD) and I give him the occasional treatment just to keep the musculature around the sacrum in particular, as well as the glutes, loose and easy.
I'm not sure how helpful this is, seeing as it pertains to a man who is probably a bit older than you, but I think just knowing what is actually causing your pain can be the starting point toward a new pathway for self care. When DP sees his chiro, there is no umming and erring about what might be wrong, or a trial and error approach to treatment; they both know exactly what it is and just sort it out.
I've never heard of anyone else being diagnosed with this, so I'm not sure how many fellow fusers you will encounter here, but perhaps a chiro or similar will have something to say?
Good luck and I hope you find ways to feel more comfortable.

Catper33 Sat 17-Nov-12 00:31:02

Hi following back problems I have had surgery to intentionally fuse L5 to S1 and have been given lots of info about what to do/not do with a fusion like this to manitain a healthy unproblematic back. The physios have done a lot of work with me using bio feedback to ensure I use the correct muscles during any movement. This has been surprisingly hard to do. May be some physio with this kind of approach may help long term.

Good luck with the MRI.

Onebadbackandalostpelvicfloor Sat 17-Nov-12 15:43:53

Thank you both. Will see how it all pans out really. My back is so painful even gentle exercise hurts, I'd love to go back to doing long distance cycling again. It got worse and fell apart after childbirth :-(

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