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Question about alpha thalassaemia trait.

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CrunchyFrog Thu 18-Oct-12 22:01:36

This is a general sort of question, I'm struggling to understand the genetics of this.

I have alpha thal trait (diagnosed in first pregnancy having been treated since late teens for "anaemia" that I do not have.)

My parents don't have it, I was told that it can happen spontaneously in some people without family history. We are not from the usual racial profile, I'm white Irish.

My DN is 18 months, when he was born he had lots of blood tests for an unrelated condition, it turns out he also has alpha thal trait, as does my brother, DN's father.)

Is it possible that it's co-incidence, or does it mean that one of our parents must be a carrier? XH was tested when I was pregnant, he was not a carrier, but could my children be? Should they be tested?

TIA for any answers!

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