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Gynest for smear test..not happy

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doggyvonne Wed 03-Oct-12 15:55:06

I am 54 and have no womb or vaginal problems. I am over the menopause and coping well without any medications. I have not been sexually active for 10 years but no loss of libido, no dryness or lack of body fluids..just circumstances really. My new GP nurse could not get a smear from me as she could not see the cervix which has moved somewhere and as she tried to open things up I yelled. I am not a wimp..I have no fear of dentists and had a flexible colonoscopy without any significant discomfort but I have been asked to use Gynest cream JUST to facilitate the routine smear...not happy because my hormones are now well settled after a bit of trouble with passing water, anal fissures and IBS..things are settling nicely and I do not want to increase my libido thank you as I am happy the way I am. I was told by GP if I wont have the smear test -which suppose means paying £7 for a prescription I dont want and I must sign an 'opt out form'...What exactly is that implying? I would like thoughts on this please from anyone with good knowledge of the cream and the opt out form?

Peppermintcrumb Wed 03-Oct-12 22:28:32

Well, I think it's a bit of a cheek to ask you to use the cream so that a smear can be done because the nurse was unable to visualise your cervix! I presume that you have had clear smears before. Did the nurse or GP discuss your risk factors for cervical cancer or what would happen to your body if you used the cream? Was your informed consent mentioned? Tests can be done with ordinary lubrication - was this not offered to you?

By signing the opt-out form, you will be removed from the screening "invitation" letters. The GP gets paid for screening eligible women registered to the practice. If you are registered and don't screen the doctor will lose money. That is why, I believe you have been given the choice of a cream or to opt out completely with no middle ground. By signing the form, you are no longer on the eligible list.

If you are still keen to have a smear, have you thought of trying a Family Planning clinic, or perhaps see a more experienced nurse? You mentioned a new GP nurse - I'm not sure if this is a "new" nurse or just new to you.

BelaLug0si Wed 03-Oct-12 22:37:10

You could try alternative sample takers as peppermintcrumb suggests or even ask to be referred to gynae/colposcopy. This could give you the opportunity to discuss your likely relative risk of developing pre-cancerous changes/cancer and then make an informed choice as how to proceed.

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