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Poorly or pregnant?

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lizzywig Tue 02-Oct-12 22:07:41

I'm posting here because I think I'm just poorly but also because I don't expect anyone to diagnose me as pregnant - I'd just like to write this out and to get peoples thoughts.

I've been ill for 11 weeks, started out with the flu, then an ear infection and then I was left with a cough, the cough has been going on for 6 weeks. At my last appointment the doc thought I could be recovering from glandular fever. Over the last 8 weeks I've had 3 courses of antibiotics. Each time I've take them the cough improves to the point of being almost better and I feel like I'm on the road to recovery, then after 4 days or so the cough comes back just as badly. About a month ago I was prescribed with codeine because the cough was causing me so much pain. However after a few days the pain went.

I finished my last antibiotics a week ago and predictably the cough is back and worse than ever. I have also noticed a pressure in my tummy, it's the exact same feeling I had when pregnant with DD, it feels like when her feet were kicking me in my ribs. Every now and again I get this type of pressure and what feels like movement (although I freely admit this could be me imaging things). I have taken 3 pg tests and all came back negative, I'm on the pill but it's the one that stops your periods so I would have no indication to tell me that I could be pregnant. I've had heartburn recently and shooting pains in my pelvis like PGP (but then it never got properly better after DD if I went for very long walks which I did at the weekend) when I was pregnant with DD.

So doc today actually asked me if I'd had heartburn, yes, and she thinks that I have some acid in my tummy and that's what's causing my cough. So she's prescribed me with something for that and has also booked me in for a chest xray. I told her about the tummy pains and she asked about possible pregnancy and I said about the negative tests so she dismissed it.

Obviously there is a great difference between pregnancy and a cough - the two don't even go hand in hand! My plan is to go for the xray and then see what happens next. Does anyone have any experience of these types of xrays? Is it worrying that I've been ill for such a long time (DD is almost 11mo and I work full time so I don't get much resting and recovery time)?

purplepansy Wed 03-Oct-12 21:22:01

Xray will take about a minute - you stand up, they zap you, your GP will get a report from the radiologist.

Sounds like your GP is investigating you thoroughly, why don't you see what happens with the xray and the treatment prescribed?

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