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Stress incontinence and next pregnancy

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PinkParrot Mon 01-Oct-12 15:46:31

Has anyone started out a pregnancy with stress incontinence from a previous birth? If so, how was it after the second birth?

Is it the case that the damage has been done and a second birth won't make much difference or will it only deteriorate?

also, tmi, but has the urge to poo (!) been greater for anyone after childbirth? does this get worse with subsequent pregnancies?

Any enlightenment on these delicate issues much appreciated!

I know about kegels

(posted in Childbirth section too)

brendaf Tue 02-Oct-12 08:45:13

Answer to your first question: Oh yes!
In my experience your pelvic floor gets worse with every birth just because of the sheer physical trauma. Even if it is not bad enough to cause incontinence initially the problem is definitely progressive and then when you reach menopause your lack of hormones means that the muscles get even weaker and start to atrophy. So an underlying problem then comes to the surface.
A third of new mums go on to develop incontinence because there is no effective guidance from the NHS - that's why there are millions of women with the condition and a multi-billion £ industry selling incontinence pads!
Your GP can prescribe something call the pelvic toner which really helps. If you don't want to waste his/her/your time then you can buy it through the partner offers page of mumsnet.
Good luck

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