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lazy eye question

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My left eye has been lazy since birth. It turns out, as far as I am aware. When I was two I was given glasses. They then decided that my eyesight didnt require glasses and I havent had glasses since.

I did have to wear an eye patch on my right eye now and again but that was before I was school age and havent since. My mum says she was given the choice of whether I should have an op or not and she chose not.

Thing is now I think my right eye is taking all the strain and my left eye is getting worse. If I cover my right eye my left is fuzzy. But my eye sight is fine otherwise. I get headaches now and again.

Recentlly my left eye has been irritating. Cant really describe it. Its not painful, but its annoying. Especially if I am tired. As if its not working properly.

I am going to book an eye test. But has anyone else had this? What treatment am I likely to expect, if any? Is this just a part of life now and nothing will be done as its not greatly affecting me?

peanutMD Thu 27-Sep-12 21:32:29

This sounds a lot like my eye issues.

Lazy eye from birth, squint, no operation etc although I have always needed glasses I haven't necessarily worn then for various reasons.

I am now 25 and have just had an eye test in the last 2 Weeks and it turns out my right eye had given up so very little if any 'vision' left but because I've never had much use of it anyway I never noticed, I have to wear my glasses all day ecru day now as so much strain has been put on my left eye its became irritated and painful resulting in sore heads.

I do however only have a lense on my left side and the right is just , I was asked if I would like contacts and wad told I'd have the bonus that they'd cost half add much as I would only need 1 at a time grin


Im 25 too!! Its so strange. I think if they test me they will find my left eye has lost its sight.

Are the glasses helping with the headaches?

peanutMD Thu 27-Sep-12 21:59:46

Definately! I wish I had worn them years ago when I should've done now but I doubt it would have made much difference!

It took me a while to get used to having to wake in the morning and out then on straight away and have then stuck to my face until bed but now its natural.

I'd say definitely get tested and wear glasses poor contacts I'd they tell you to.

I think contacts are a no go. I cant go near my eyes. They water like mad.

Apparently I suit glasses so I wouldnt mind if I had to wear them. But I can imagine it will be hard to get used to it!!

peanutMD Thu 27-Sep-12 22:36:48

I'm sure you're my lazy eye twin grin

Im not sure about contacts either fir that reason!

I really didn't find it so bad after a day our 2 with my glasses but my main advice would be to get a pair that you really like and take someone who will give you a truthful opinion whether they sit you or nit because generally you are going to be wearing then fur around 2 years.

Yes I think we somehow ended up with the others good/bad eye grin are they green??

Oh choosing will be hard. Im not up to speed on glasses trends and what suits certain faces!

NicolasGirl Thu 27-Sep-12 22:57:50

I have exactly the same problem and next to no 'vision' in one eye.

It was only a couple of years ago, despite numerous eye tests -I'm in my mid 40's, that I found an optician that could actually prescribe the correct lenses for me. Don't be fobbed off as I was by poor patient care at your optician.

I can now read clearly for the first time in years. It is wonderful. I still get tired eyes and the odd head ache after looking at screens for too long, but I can see text properly which is fabulous.

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