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Possible broken bones in foot

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Whenisitmysleepytime Sun 23-Sep-12 07:43:46

My foot has been sore, not painful, for weeks. It has never bruised or been swollen and doesn't look any different to the other one.
I'm fairly sure it can be traced back to the dc dropping a toy full of water out the bath and it landing on my toes. hmm

Is it possible something is broken? How would that be treated - if at all?

I'm seeing the dr on thurs so will ask them then but wondered if anyone knew of similar things? smile

quoteunquote Sun 23-Sep-12 23:03:58

every time I've broken a toe (and I've done it a lot) they just tell you to rest it, and keep it elevated when you can,

wear wide flat comfortable shoes.

BlueChampagne Tue 25-Sep-12 12:35:06

I cracked foot bones during gym at school and got the same advice as quoteunquote.

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