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beals692 Sun 12-Aug-12 08:36:03

I went for a cervical smear test at a clinic a few days ago and the nurse found a polyp at the entrance of the womb and had it confirmed by the doctor. They have written a letter for me to take to my GP asking for me to be referred to a gynaecologist and I've got an appointment with my GP in three weeks time. The doctor said that I would have it removed by a freezing process and that I would have to have it done in hospital as I might bleed quite a bit. She did ask if I had any questions but of course I didn't think of any until afterwards!

Firstly, is it something that needs to be dealt with urgently? As I said, I've got a GP appointment in three weeks time but they do same day appointments for urgent issues. Am I right in thinking it's not urgent as I don't have any symptoms?

Does anyone know anything about this procedure? The information I read online suggested polyps could just be pulled out, sometimes by your own doctor or during the smear test, and there wouldn't be much bleeding. Does this mean I have a larger polyp? Will it be done under anaesthetic and, if so, would it be general or local? Would it be done at my first appointment will the gynaecologist? Does anyone know any useful websites or sources of information?


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candyflossy Sun 12-Aug-12 21:29:22

Hi, I had one removed years ago. It was done at a local hospital at the first appt and the polyp was pulled out. I didn't need any anaesthetic, a bit uncomfortable and was done within a few minutes. Afterwards a tiny bit of bleeding and that was it.

marriednotdead Sun 12-Aug-12 21:47:27

I had one removed under GA a few years ago. Apparently the base of it was too wide to remove it with a snip under a local as it would have bled a lot. Have had lots of gynae stuff done and this barely registered tbh.

beals692 Mon 13-Aug-12 17:33:58

Thanks for replying. I'll try not to worry!

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Jellykat Mon 13-Aug-12 21:46:46

I've had a polyp for years no problems, but as i've got older it's started to bleed after sex..
I had it frozen off 3 years ago, but have to say it's come back in my case.

With mine the freezy bit wasn't done on the first Gynae appt. as they had to give me the various written blurb on the procedure to read through first, and they had to get the freezy stuff sorted.
I had GA, and didn't take too long, it felt like odd period pains afterwards tbh i think it was more the thought than the actual event that made me feel queasy.
With me they basically put a ball of ice up there, and although they told me i wouldn't need to bring anything, i should've taken sanitary pads, because the ice started melting before i'd got back home - que lovely wet patch!

Really, try not to worry, it's an odd experience, but really not as bad as you'd think it would be.

beals692 Tue 14-Aug-12 17:49:21

Thanks for the information. Sounds interesting, at least!

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zara206y Wed 15-Aug-12 23:11:34

I have had two ops to remove cervical polyps, and now on just had cervical ablation to rid them completely as they kept coming bak.


BrighterLight Tue 22-Jan-13 09:32:18

Hi - this thread is a bit old but just wondered how this went for you beals692?

A cervical polyp was found on a smear test and at the time I asked my GP if it was urgent to remove and she said No, it was a routine thing they did these days and if I was anxious I could leave it and check it.

I went to another GP last week as for some reason I suddenly rememberd this polyp - I have no symptoms from it. She recommmended removal, I am suffering from anxiety at the moment and my mind went into overdrive and asked her lots of questions, about why it had to be removed, should I have done it ages ago and what was the procedure. She couldnt be certain about any of it (I do know that a really really small %age are precancerous or maybe malignant) and also some polyps cant be removed with the simple procedure and need general anaesthetic.

I am beside myself worrying and thinking all sorts of things, GP could see I was anxious but said I needed to not worry but of course some things in life do cause problems. She has referred me and I am waiting for an appointment.

I guess she wasnt direct enough with me and am presuming she thinks it was wrong to wait and there could be a problem - this is all in my head because she said the polyp looked healthy and a good shape but needs to refer me as they dont take them off in the surgery now. When I asked about bleeding and what if they cant get it off, she didnt advise.

The conflicting info has got me all worried (I am sure its nothing, but have loads of other stress right now and this polyp seems to be getting all the attention with my worry) If it was OK to leave then I presume I can refuse a general anaesthetic if they cant easily remove it - I asked why I had to have it taken off now and she just said, well it hasnt gone away!

Anyway if you had a smooth and unenventful conclusion to your polyp I would appreciate hearing about it, well even if it wasnt a smooth procedure! Sometimes doctors these days seem to be a bit vague and I think it sometimes ends up with patients like me trying to take responsibility and assess risks - surely it shouldn't be like this. For instance, the cancer fear hasnt been put into perspective for me - like with a smear, you know they are looking for cancer, is a polyp the same? The first GP categoriacally said removal of polyps with no symptoms was simple what they did, nothing more than that, this second doctor has made me worry somehow. So confused and worrying.

mumof3teens Tue 22-Jan-13 10:07:43

Please don't worry at all - I have had these twice. Both times I went to the local hospital to have them taken out. Very quick and no aftercare needed. I think better to have them taken out, as mine started to bleed after sex. Definitely not urgent, but better to get rid!

BrighterLight Tue 22-Jan-13 15:27:32

Thankyou mumof3teens, that's reassuring. You are more direct than my GP smile Had a long chat with a friend after I posted, I got myself in a right tizz. She understood and thought doctors are sometimes reluctant to be straight forward, even if something is usually straight forward, just incase it isn't and they get sued or a complaint!

I think this might be in part true, because she only became vague and worrying me when I asked more questions, to begin with, she just said simple removal, like smear test, no nerve or blood supply to polyp, no problem!

Lets hope that is the case for me, because I now have the appointment booked - yikes! It all happened this morning and it's not till late March, so that also suggests its not urgent or something to worry about. I have no symptoms but seeing as it keeps popping up to worry me, I will go through with removal. Thanks again smile

mumof3teens Tue 22-Jan-13 15:56:49

Well you would definitely have been seen sooner if the Dr was worried. Put it to the back of your mind now - nothing to worry about. The hospital rang me after I had booked my appointment online and asked for it to be brought forward - only by a few days it turned out - but eek! DS1 (a junior Dr) told me it would be to meet the hospital waiting list target (to be seen within 3 months from referral). Hope you can feel less anxious now - I know it can be miserable worrying. smile

BrighterLight Tue 22-Jan-13 18:12:36

I am sure it will slowly recede now that I have the appointment. Just wish they would explain, when you have never had something before or even been to the hospital for anything since you were 15 it can be quite daunting. Think I have some perspective now.

I think I would freak a bit if they decided to bring it forward, but it makes sense I guess for the targets! The doctor that first advised I could leave it as was so worried about the procedure even said to me, years ago women would not have known they had them, its just because we can take precautions and treat that they do. She said she wonders sometimes whether all the screening they do these days increases health anxiety! Well it does in my case smile Thanks again.

BrighterLight Fri 07-Jun-13 16:22:49

Popping back up to finish the story(saga) and ask a question.

I had an appointment at a community gaynaecology clinic at the end of March, turns out these are GP's and not consultants and she was nervous to remove it there and then so referred me to the hospital. Another 2 month wait and me getting on and off anxious - it really did build in my mind!

I had the polyp removed this Monday just gone and it wasn't a great experience due to being fearful, but actually did not hurt as such. They mentioned genereal anaesthetic if too big etc, this wasnt the case, she said it sort of burst in anycase!

They nochalantly said results would be sent to me and then I started with the anxiety and said what if the results arent ok - vague answers of more treatment, but I have had the polyp a while, it wasn't as big as thought etc and 99.9% are fine.

Needless to say I am a little anxious to tie this storyline up and wondered a) how long results might be b) do they test all polyps?

Even though I keep being told not to worry etc, if they are testing it there must be a concern or is this just routine for every single polyp removed.

Anyone with experience of this ?

Many thanks

mumof3teens Fri 07-Jun-13 22:30:27

Routine for ALL polyps. Don't worry smile

BrighterLight Tue 11-Jun-13 11:27:57

mumof3teens Thank you smile The worry subsided but is back again, hoping the results will come very soon, have blown this up in my mind, mainly as it's taken so long to deal with.

Mind has decided this means there is more chance of things not being ok. It's been a week now, they did say 2 or maybe 3 so I will have to practise objectivitity and rational thinking.

The post polyp removal has not been a problem at all, so I was worrying over nothing for that.

RockinD Tue 11-Jun-13 13:29:50

It is good practice to run a histological check on anything removed from your body.

I had a cervical polyp removed in January and that went straight for histology. It was purely routine and results took about a fortnight. I got a letter in the post.

They can generally tell when they remove it whether it looks ‘suspicious’ and I was told at the time that mine looked OK.

They are surprisingly common and the majority are simply the benign result of the outlet of a lubrication gland getting blocked.

BrighterLight Tue 11-Jun-13 17:00:30

RockinD - thank you as well. I didn't know that about blocked gland, my GP have been really cagey when I ask about them, hospital said they dont know why they appear etc. She said it wasn't as big as written in the letter from GP as it had fluid - didnt say whether that was good or bad.

GP said it was a good shape and healthy looking - hospital didn't say anything except 99.9% benign and nurse said not seen one in 8yrs of working there. Fairly nonchalant really, which I guess I ought to read as 'nothing to worry about'

Thanks for the info on the results, they were a little vague about that too.

I really dont know what has got into me - scared myself silly. I went through a really stressfull year last year and just getting back on my feet. My doctor knew that, which is why I think I feel a bit upset at the wait, messing about and lack of committment over information - it's meant I have built things up. I prefer to hear things straight smile

Roll on the results in the post.

BrighterLight Fri 21-Jun-13 18:44:20

Thank you for all the reassurance, it will be 3 weeks on Monday since I had the polyp removed and with nothing from the postman this morning I decided to ring the hospital. They did advise to call if heard nothing.

Was told they thought the results were on the consultants desk waiting for a letter to be written - hold on a moment - came back to say yes results there and I should get a letter within 10 days! At this point I asked if she could.....she interrupted and said she could not tell me anything BUT I have nothing to worry about.

So in an unofficial way this means all was good with the pathology. So happy to put this behind me - 6 months is far too long to live with the tiny background worry that at times certainly got bigger! Thank you again

mumof3teens Fri 21-Jun-13 21:27:08

Good news BrighterLight - now you can really relax wine

BrighterLight Sat 22-Jun-13 12:04:54

mumof3teens I can indeed wine

Joshua07 Fri 20-Dec-19 12:57:41

ive just has a smear and the nurse found a polyp she said its nothing to worry about but i am worrying!

khaleesi80 Sun 15-Mar-20 03:24:55

Hi everyone. I had my cervical polyps removed last march 5. the doctor didnot gave me any medicine or treatment. It has been 10days since it was removed but until now i still bleed. is it normal?

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