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Mirena and weight gain

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Libra Wed 26-Nov-03 09:34:11

Hello. After lurking on Mumsnet for nearly two years, I have decided to at last post a message. I just hope that this is not something that has already been discussed - I have checked the Mirena threads, but can't find anything about possible weight gain.
I have recently been told by my doctor that I have to stop taking the pill because my migraines are getting worse. So I have made an appointment to have a Mirena coil. But on searching the Internet yesterday I found a lot of American sites mentioning weight gain as a problem with the Mirena. Is that anyone's experience?
To be frank, it has taken me two years to get within one and a half pounds of my goal weight at WW and the idea of it all pouring back on horrifies me.

codswallop Wed 26-Nov-03 09:35:53

Nearly 2 years!!! Blimey


I am on Mirena and have put on weight but I am chomping for Britain and am going to ww after xmas. So more likely to stoppping bf than Mirena

Twink Wed 26-Nov-03 10:59:20

I'm on Mirena too and have been for 2 years. The first 6 months or so I was struggling to get to my goal weight (as oppose to ideal) and doing a ww type thing but for the last 18 months my weight has been very stable even holidays etc have only varied it by 2 or 3 pounds.

I suspect it's probably an excuse to be honest. I mean if you expect to put on weight because 'people do' then you probably won't be as careful about what you are eating.

LIZS Wed 26-Nov-03 13:17:20

I have put on weight since having one fitted (2yrs ago) but then since having dd have also been less active/fit, eaten too much of the wrong things (chocolate esp!)and stopped bfeeding so it is rather difficult to isolate the cause. Wish I could just blame it and let myself off the hook LOL, but I fear more fundamental things are responsible.

princesspeahead Wed 26-Nov-03 13:23:10

oh bugger, I had one fitted yesterday!
I shall monitor myself and let you know libra. I should be losing weight (about another 10lbs or so) as am relatively recently post-natal but am slightly hoping it will just go away rather than doing anything particularly active about it.

tinyfeet Wed 26-Nov-03 13:41:23

I don't know anything about the Mirena, but I know that I always gain weight on the pill - most people I know have gained weight on the pill. So you may just have to wait and see, if you didn't gain weight with the pill, maybe you won't with the Mirena??

Libra Wed 26-Nov-03 15:55:44

Thanks for all these responses. Of course, the pill may have been the reason for my attendance at weightwatchers in the first place!
It looks as though I will just have to become a life-time member and make sure my weight is not affected. I agree, the comments I read may well have been people trying to blame someone else for their weight problems.

alibubbles Wed 26-Nov-03 18:33:44

I was supposed tom have one fitted yesterday and chickened out. I'd hear and read too many stories of people bleeding for 3/4 weeks afterwards and as I am going skiing at Christmas didn't want to take the risk.

I was also told I couldn't drive back and would need to rest for at least an hour after having it inserted, is that true?

codswallop Wed 26-Nov-03 18:35:04

No thats crap - I wnet shopping

I bled for 2 weeks a miniscule amount - pant liner thats all

tinyfeet Wed 26-Nov-03 18:43:05

Coddy, did the installation hurt? Can you feel it? Also, how soon after giving birth can you have it fitted?

LIZS Wed 26-Nov-03 18:48:24

I'm sure it wasn't as long as 3 weeks but did bleed for a few days (like a period) and then spot a while longer. I'm sure I drove home afterwards (although I may have been on the train and parked at the station) and I'd had a muscle relaxant as well. Certainly wasn't told to avoid anything particularly, just to treat myself to some luxury chocolates !!


codswallop Wed 26-Nov-03 18:55:15

No uncomfy - not at all painful - like a smear but a little longer

Cant feel it - you can find the strings - really fine they are.... if you really look

I had it done at ? 8 weeks / 10 weeks? Pn

codswallop Wed 26-Nov-03 18:55:48

Its the best thing ever BTW

In till the baby starts school

alibubbles Wed 26-Nov-03 20:24:21

I was also told they could only fit it during a period, mine came a wek early so had finished the day before fitting date!

LIZS Wed 26-Nov-03 20:54:00

Er, mine wasn't during a period. In fact I think many women have it fitted postnatally without having had one at all. It may make things a little easier though as presumably things are a bit more relaxed then and any extra bleeding less noticeable.

Having it fitted wasn't exactly comfortable, partly due to the need to maintain such an awkward position, nor particularly dignified, but not as bad as you would imagine.

princesspeahead Wed 26-Nov-03 21:38:50

wasn't bad at all. much less bad than I was expecting. Just like a smear - the speculum is the worst bit (only bit, actually, didn't feel the coil going in at all). Afterwards I drove off and picked up my dd from school and have been fine ever since - no cramping or soreness or anything. bleeding now but much lighter than a period so far.

Twink Wed 26-Nov-03 22:09:23

It was uncomfortable when it was put in, but certainly less so than the examination I had when I was in early labour.

I bled on and off for 10 days (I think) then had heavier than pre-pregnancy periods for about 4 months then zip, no bleeding at all but still have a certain amount of PMT - although that may just be related to having dh & dd...

Oh, sorry Codswallop, now I've written that down it means I'd mentally blocked out 4 periods between 1998 and 2003 !!

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