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Not entirely happy with result now my braces area off what can I do?

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sunglasses Tue 10-Jan-12 11:36:53

Wore Damon braces top and bottom for a year to correct crowding and overbite. Teeth are definitely straighter i.e next to one another rather than higgledy piggledy but I still think they stick out too much. My top two front teeth were quite rabbity before and I think they have been moved slightly back but the two teeth either side have been pulled out to line up with them. this means I have 4 teeth at the front sticking out at a slight angle( These two teeth were fairly straight before) almost like joke teeth!! My bottom ones again are all next to one another but leaning forward to try and match my top ones. I did speak to the ortho about my bottom teeth before the braces were removed but he said they were better in that position so I didn't look goofy on the top. He was happy he had achieved a good result and took off the braces in December 2011. I have an appointment to see him soon and I really hope he can do something to correct this as the top teeth are annoyingly catching on my lips as I talk and I don't have a good bite with the front teeth ( not helped by bonded retainers top and bottom )
Any dentists/orthodontists to advise- if I am not happy would he be obliged to put braces back on? ( I am happy to do this BTW). It was private and v expensive treatment and its not just how they look but how they feel that I am not entirely satisfied with. I am just dreading him saying there is nothing else he can do as my treatment is finished. Any advice?

sunglasses Tue 10-Jan-12 13:06:21


sunglasses Thu 12-Jan-12 14:21:25

bump again!

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