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Saying wrong word - could it be caused by stress?

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redheart Sun 23-Oct-11 08:42:00

Wondered if anyone knew much about this. As a bit of background, i've been through what some might call a stressful few months. Had to move from a house I loved ( not out of choice) and have had to readjust to things. Can't go past the old house without crying, so wonder if I am in some way subconciously grieving for the old house and my life there ( sounds stupid I know). Also had to have some investigations over the summer ( same time as moving), luckily all came back clear and I am fine but was a very worrying time. There have been some other stressful things going on too, I won't go into it all, but think it's all built up, last week I was very emotional one lunch hour at work, so I think things are affecting me a bit.

Just want to start off by saying, I don't feel conciously stressed but I have noticed a few times in the last few weeks, I've either said the wrong thing e.g. when I went to a meeting they asked me where I worked and I gave the name of somewhere I did a placement a few years ago! I corrected myself within a second, so I didn't technically forget, well only for a second! Plus I got some book ends the other day and asked my friend if she liked my new book marks! Again, with a second I said "bookends" but not sure why I made these mistakes in the first place. Plus other little things like saying the wrong word... e.g. I meant to say "Furnish" a house and I said "furbish" ( I was probably thinking of re-furbishing and it came out wrong. And a few little things like that or maybe taking a second longer to say/think of something.

I am wondering if this could be caused by stress, maybe how my stress is showing as I wouldn't say I feel stressed at all! ( but clearly I am).

I am under 30 so not age related and not pregnant so not that. I am worrying myself silly. Anyone have any ideas or know what I can do? ( Besides stop worrying!)

Thank you for reading, I know it is a long post smile

HumphreyCobbler Sun 23-Oct-11 08:50:20

I do this all the time, especially when I am tired or I have a lot going on.

I wouldn't worry about it. I think it is really normal.

Sorry you had to move out of your house, what a awful thing for you.

HumphreyCobbler Sun 23-Oct-11 08:59:28

I have just been thinking - could you be suffering from a kind of free floating anxiety? I can see from your post that you are genuinely worried about this, but really it does not seem like something to worry about to me. (I say this as a veteran worrier, so I am not belittling your worries). When one has been through a massive period of stress it can leave lots of worry floating behind in the system. If you are like me you can then latch on to anything to attach the anxiety to, iyswim.

Hope that makes sense. Do you have support? Someone to share your worries with in real life?

redheart Sun 23-Oct-11 09:05:36

Could easily be HumphreyCobbler. I am a worrier by nature. Only reason I am worrying about this is that I don't recall it ever happeneing to be before, and then to have quite a few things over a few weeks has scared me.

I have family I can share my worries with, though they just tell me to stop being silly and stop worrying ( easier said than done!).

Even reading your posts has got me tearful. I don't think I have actually dealt with any of my upset about the house move etc, I just smile and carry on.

HumphreyCobbler Sun 23-Oct-11 09:12:40

Being told to stop being silly is not any use though, is it? I found cognitive therapy helpful in dealing with my anxiety.

You have been through so much lately, I really feel for you. I think you need to acknowledge your own distress to yourself and maybe ask your doctor for some help?

Your worry about losing words will possibly make it happen more.

redheart Sun 23-Oct-11 09:15:52

To be fair to them, they don't all tell me to stop being silly! Just one, but that's just how he is! grin

Thanks for taking the time to post, I really appreciate it smile

HumphreyCobbler Sun 23-Oct-11 09:26:29


I feel for you, anxiety is a horrible thing to deal with.

MegGriffin Sun 23-Oct-11 13:01:02

Sorry you are having such a stressful time at the moment. When I had a similar problem a few years ago with forgetting words or saying the wrong word my doctor said it's nothing to worry about so long as the words are in a similar context. So you said 'book' marks instead of 'book' ends. You did not call them ducks or sheds for example. The same with work, you gave a different work place, you did not say something like 'fish' or 'hamburger'.
I found that quite reassuring at a time when I thought I was losing the plot.

sportsfanatic Sun 23-Oct-11 14:54:20

I think that when you are stressed and have worries - even background worries - concentration tends to go awry and there is underlying sense of being permanently distracted because the mind is niggling away, even subconsciously, at the things that are causing anxiety. It affects how we process our thoughts, words etc. smile

redheart Sun 23-Oct-11 18:33:44

Thanks for all the advice ladies smile

horMOANSnomore Sun 23-Oct-11 18:37:33

It's awful, isn't it? I do it too and don't even notice until others point it out to me.

I think it's quite natural and caused by stress, distraction and lack of concentration.

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