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hypothyroid and pregnancy

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marytheresa Wed 12-Oct-11 22:16:06

Hi There

I was diagnosed 20 years ago with hypothyroidism. I've been on 100micrograms for all this time and and fortunately managed to get pregnant straight away both times, and gone on to have two successsful pregnancies (having 150micrograms during these periods).

My health and weight have been ok (althought it is harder with hormone conditions to lose weight) and I took up running and completed a 5k in June of this year.

I've had regular check ups with my Endrocrinologist unit at the local hospital all this time, and each time I've been kept at the 100microgram dose.

When I went to see the Endo unit this April for a regular check up I was told that my levels were too high and that I must go on to 75micrograms. I was a bit taken a back by this and said to the doc that I've been on 100 for the last twenty years. The up shot is that I started to gain weight (all the weight I had lost with running) and became a bit lethargic.

I went to my GP in June who done a test to find that my TSH was sky high and my T3 was not even registering it was so low. Needless to say I've been back on the 100 dose since the 1st of September.The thing is that my DH and I have been trying for a third baby since June and have had no success. I'm sure it is due to my change in dosage. I feel angry at the Doc at the hospital. I'm hoping now that I am back to my 100 dose that I'll get pregnant soon.

I feel I don't know my body anymore, and each month I'm hoping to get pregnant. I know that it sounds a bit selfish, as my heart goes out to the couples who are ttc their first child, but I badly want this third child as much as I wanted my first. I feel I've been robbed because of the change in my dosage. The doc by the way had never seen me before and was a bit slap dash about everything.

I'm due for my regular check up this Tue at the hospital. So hope to get some answers then. I'm hoping to find out soon if my levels are back to the normal range too. My GP mentioned that I could be super sensitive to the change in dose.

Just wondering if anyone else has any experience of this kind. Would be good to share experiences. I have a history of Prolactinoma too.

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