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swallowing difficulties......possibly barrettts oesophagus

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alypaly Fri 23-Sep-11 21:22:34

just having a load of tests and a barium swallow in a few days. since april i had pain in the middle of breast bone and reflux at night when in bed. then i got a really sore one sided sore throat and tonsil went like a real spoge with all white bits in it. some of them were food some was infection. infection has now gone but my swallow reflex is also going. i feel as if i have a pouch in my throat and i am choking on all sorts of food. does anyone else suffer with this. please help as i am panicking

Grumpystiltskin Sat 24-Sep-11 15:21:45

I don't but my late Grandmother did all of her life. Unfortunately (and I know I might get a few hmm for this but I don't mean to alarm you) she developed Barretts oesophagus and then oesophageal cancer which led to her deth at the age of 86.

I must emphasise that she had this for over forty years apparently but never complained about it until one day she started choking and was taken to hospital in an ambulance. You have had it for a short time, they will be doing the tests in order to see if there is a problem anywhere along your digestive tract from the swallowing reflex to the muscle which allows food into the stomach.

Don't panic but importantly, be open with the Drs and tell them all your worries.

alypaly Wed 28-Sep-11 05:49:31

had to go to emergency doc last night as i pulled a piece of food/skin out of a crypt just behind my tonil. prob TMI but it smelt horrible and i think i have an abcess developing from the pain. doc has put me on a strong dose of metronidazo;e and i am having a barium swallow on monday. i wish it were sooner. ooooh i am awake with the pain now. thanks for replying.

alypaly Wed 28-Sep-11 05:50:23

i had already looked up barretts oesophagus as i work for a gp surgery so i was concerned about that

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