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Need Moderate Anterior/Posterior vaginal repair. Can't decide?!?!

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RavenVonChaos Mon 12-Sep-11 22:21:53

I went to gynae with stress incontinence in May. Started taking tablets - all fine. Went to Body-Pump at the gym twice - absolutely loved it. WHen I had my period I could not get a tampon in and realised I had a prolapse. However, incontinence was improved.

Went back to gynae and he confirmed the prolapse and within minutes I had signed up for the repair.

Now my dilemma is do I have the op or do I just live with it (not really a problem at the moment) and enjoy the improvement in my continence? Basically I am really scared of some bloke, (who could barely look me in the eye and give me more than 5 mins of his time) cutting into my vagina......

Help please...

PurpleHaze64 Thu 22-Sep-11 09:16:17

I had a had a TVT sling...for stress incontinence in 2009, I have to say it changed my life, fantastic to be able to play sport, go to the gym, cough and laugh pee free!.
Having that op revealed a posterior prolapse, which I had done last year, that then revealed a bladder prolapse so I had the anterior repair last thursday....obviously I dont know for certain that that has been a success but the signs are looking good so far.

My surgeons advice to me was that although neither prolapse were large it was better to get it done before it became so and it would then entail a longer surgery time, most prolapses do get worse over time.

I guess you need to work out how much it affects you, an op will stop you from sport for around 10 - 12 weeks but that time does go quickly. its free on the nhs at them moment it might be worth getting in done in case that changes in the future!

hope that helps.x

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