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Jj Sun 21-Oct-01 19:14:23

Jodee, read your message from the other board about TB and found an article entitled "TB - it's back" today. Here's the URL. (Sorry, I can't make a link to it for some reason!),9547,61_176622-3,00.html

My son's doctor told me that getting the vaccine is definitely recommended in certain areas of London. I had heard this from a friend of mine, too. She mentioned Chelsea and someone else mentioned Hackney. Not sure how reliable that info is, though. The health visitor here was absolutely no help. All she knew was that TB was on the increase throughout the UK.

Anyway, I'm thinking about getting my two guys the shot. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Jodee Mon 22-Oct-01 12:25:33

Hi jj, thanks. I didn't realise that secondary schools had stopped giving the BCG injection and that vaccines were low. It's very worrying that a person could unknowingly have the disease lying dormant for many years, I presume still spreading it at the same time?
I'm taking ds for a checkup soon so will speak to my doctor about it too.

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