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Bowel/Digestive problems. Please help.

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catx2 Mon 08-Aug-11 09:30:52


I have posted on her b4 about this. IBS type problems since Nov last year (did have IBS diagnosed 10 years ago but never been this bad).
Mainly constipation problems. After being on AD's and calcium tablets I stopped these thinking my tummy would get better. Things improved a bit but still get pains and a lot of trapped wind.
Lately I have been suffering from Indigestion and pain with that and a lot of burping. I've tried Omeprazole and then Ranitidine (from G.P) for 4 weeks now but no improvement.
I have had a lot of bloodtests that showed nothing. I've tried to see if it certain food that causes it but no. I've been refered to Gastro team and got app in Oct.
Now for the last 2 weeks my 2 children have been having very loose bowel movements. Seems fine otherwise just a upset tummy when going.
I'm just wondering if this could be some sort of infection to the stomach or bowel? I have had a bloodtest that checks for inflammation and that was clear and on G.P told me that an infection would have showed up in this test.
I know no one on here can diagnose this but any info or experience of similar would be really aprreciated. Think I will call the Doctor tomorrow.

Yourefired Mon 08-Aug-11 10:11:50

Ouch poor you. Been in similar position ( but had opposite of constipation), what works for me is a high potency probiotic (bio-acidophilus) and a multi-vitamin. I use an independent health food shop for these as I know they have been stored and transported properly. But you pay for this, around £20 for 60 probiotics. Supermarket bought yogurt probiotics did not work for me. Not enough culture in them (the yogurts not the supermarkets!). I also use peppermint tea for bloating/wind. Good luck.

kaylasmum Mon 08-Aug-11 11:18:24

hi catx2,

Sorry to hear that you're still having problems. At least you've got an appointment with the gastro team so hopefully you'll get some answers.

My stomach is a bit more settled now but not back to normal, but with my ibs i don't think i've ever been normal!

Hope things start to improve for you soon.

Tracey x

catx2 Mon 08-Aug-11 17:25:19

Thanks for your replies.

Tracey, good to hear you are doing better, been thinking of you.

moaningminniewhingesagain Mon 08-Aug-11 19:00:22

I take Multibionta, not the 'proper' probiotics I know, and artichoke supplements for my IBS. No idea whether they actually help or not though TBH, I just take loperamide (like imodium but own brand cheaper stuff) when I need to. I find regular/ish sleep pattern does help, but fruit,stress,onions, alcohol and coffee are all triggers for me. I really miss coffeesad but am on the toilet all day if I have some.

If the children have have loose stools for 2 weeks may be worth getting stool samples sent off for them. A bowel infection won't neccessarily show as inflammation - the inflammation markers they look for are the sort we see in crohns/colitis patients usually, like CRP. (am a nurse - the shifts are no good for sore bellies)

For your indigestion symptoms - may be worth getting checked for helicobacter pylori as it is often the culprit - an infection in stomach, treated with a cocktail of antibiotics and omeprazole/lansoprazole type drugs.

catx2 Mon 08-Aug-11 19:08:18

Thank you "MoaningMinnie", I will call G.P tomorrow and I will ask if possibly infection.

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