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Awful periods while breastfeeding?

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Elpis Sat 30-Jul-11 15:23:39

DD is 2.3 and my period first returned five months ago. Since then I've had another two, the first with a short luteal phase and this one with very heavy bleeding, cramps, nausea and pressure at the top of my head - I've also had a cold that turned to sinusitis, which hasn't helped. Now on day six of the period with more fresh blood and cramps. Is this a result of my hormones still being all over the place due to breastfeeding? Or perhaps an early miscarriage?

Sorry - awful week on my own after work, with DH away on business trip and me trying not to vomit as I bathed DD. To cap it all I've had migraines since I started ovulating again, and am on gabapentin to try to prevent those.

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