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Third week of UTI

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GrownUpNow Mon 11-Jul-11 18:02:55

I am in my third week of a UTI/kidney infection and just about to go onto my third lot of antibiotics. I'm feeling quite low as been in a lot of pain, the first week almost unbearable, the second week I passed stone, which was awful, but gave me a bit of relief, and now this week, where I've had bouts of pain and sickness, rather than just constant pain, so a lot easier.

Thing is, I started on one antibiotic and was told five days into the course it obviously wasn't working, and put onto another, which did eventually relieve symptoms, but didn't clear the infection. Now the results are in, I am told the only oral antibiotics that will work are the originals and to make an appoinment to speak to the doctor about what the implications are if this course doesn't clear the infection. Earliest I could get was Tuesday next week, so I'll have finished the course by then.

I just feel shit, I've moved in with my boyfriend while I am ill and my DSs dad took him last week while I was ill passing the stone, but I just want to be well again and I am not.

Any advice or even just support, I feel lonely and sorry for myself really.

lookbutdonttouch Mon 11-Jul-11 19:14:54

Hi, we met on your other thread. I can't give you much advice I'm afraid but I am here and do understand.

So do you mean that these antibiotics won't clear the infection and yet you can't see the doc for a week? That's crap. You need to get in earlier than that. Just turn up at the surgery? Seriously I would.

Am sure it can't be good for the kidney to be infected that long. Phone and get an emergency appointment? Or just go.

I still have my stone, shock wave thing not.worked yet. Still have nephrostomy tube in because the stone has completely blocked everything up. And the infection is way worse.

It is awful, you feel useless and it is neverending. I am flipping between anger and self pity.

You have my sympathy and I reckon you should grab any anger you have and use it to get an earlier docs appt.....

noddyholder Mon 11-Jul-11 19:16:26

What antibiotics are they?

ledkr Mon 11-Jul-11 19:31:13

Have you had Trimethreprim? I was hospitalized with a uti so i sympathise,are the stone and the infection separate issues,how about asking for a referal to a specialist. The first ant b's may just need longer

lookbutdonttouch Mon 11-Jul-11 19:47:32

Oh and I am on third batch of antibiotics, they give aweeks worth, they run out, then I have to go back when feel like death.

Durr, keep me on them.

Have you been to the hospital at all and seen urologist or has all this been done with GP?

GrownUpNow Tue 12-Jul-11 12:11:48

I've just had a phone call from the doctor. My infection will not respond to those antibiotics he prescribed me yesterday, he gave me choice of intravenous antibiotics in hospital, or trimethoprim. Usually I do everything I can to avoid admission, but I am at the point now where I just want rid of the damn infection, it's been making me feel awful for ages and I'm fed up with pain and nausea, so I decided to go in for treatment instead.

I am under someone at the hospital undergoing tests at the moment for repeated infections, stones and a small kidney. We've just ruled out reflux, I've had ultrasounds, x-rays, MRIs, cystoscope and a micturating wotsit, the one where they dye you with radioactive stuff and they take pictures as you wee.

I'll be able to help them now, it would appear infections are worse and more copious when I am sexually active.

So I am off to hospital tomorrow morning, no idea how long I'll be there, but glad it's being looked at.

lookbutdonttouch Tue 12-Jul-11 12:12:39

Where has the OP gone? To the docs I hope......

lookbutdonttouch Tue 12-Jul-11 12:14:50

Ooh cross post.

So glad they sorting you, not that you have to go back in, but hopefully they will hurry up if you are there.

Best of luck.

GrownUpNow Tue 12-Jul-11 12:21:46

Thanks for the concern lbdt, I spent last night high on codeine and up close and personal with the hot water bottle, so didn't get the chance to update. My boyfriend dutifully played scrabble with me and kept me distracted. Now I'm off and being admitted to hospital on his birthday. Doh!

lookbutdonttouch Tue 12-Jul-11 15:42:08

I am sure he would rather have you well wouldn't he.

Now go pack your pyjamas, hospital Knickers and ear plugs and keep drinking the water. You will get better.

I am in tomorrow for second batch of lithotripsy if they will do it when I have infection, they better!!

GrownUpNow Tue 12-Jul-11 16:19:07

I hope they do your lithotripsy for you. I'll have mumsnet on my phone, so will be able to post while in, though not in great detail.

Just pondering what to have in the hospital bag now, not knowing whether I'll be in overnight or just for the day is making it difficult. I could do with a couple of days with proper painkillers and a bit of sleep, I've not been getting more the 2-4 hours a night with being in pain and having to be responsible for the kids.

Just talked to my DS on the phone, he is upset I am going in to hospital. I will have to do loads of cuddles when I get home.

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