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Please any recomandation for Knees pain relief !!!

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preciousmum Wed 06-Jul-11 19:51:47

Hi There.
Can anyone reccomend a very good medecin or cream for knees pain,my dad is in his 70,and very active and lives outside the UK.I am going to visit him this holiday,so i was thinking to take him some thing from here,hopefully it will work.When he sits he find it quit difficult to stand at first,he discribed it as what is known " romatism"
Many thanks.

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 07-Jul-11 09:10:51

At his age it's probably osteo arthritis. I have it and I'm 47. When it gets really bad, winter especially I use a TENS machine.
Can he see a doctor?

curlymo Fri 08-Jul-11 00:02:31

I read in a book recently that if you wrap you knee with a cabbage leaf and bandage twice a day you will have pain relief within 5 days. The cabbage leaf is a natural anti inflammatory.
Also I have a friend who is a nun and suffers from severe knee pain and found putting emu oil twice a day had eased the pain somewhat. You can buy it from

Tinamassage Fri 08-Jul-11 14:57:35

Sadly it is a case of managing the symptoms in a flare up. Please seek professional help as well as seeking help from a physio therapist or Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist to help strengthen the muscles and joints around the affected areas. His GP should also give him medication if necessary to help in the inflammation stages. Look on the Sports Massage association to find a local practioner. All the best.

preciousmum Fri 08-Jul-11 22:35:32

Hi.Thanks to all your advice,i did order some of the emu oil from ebay,it is cheaper than amazon.Is there any thing that i can buy from Boots?

kreecherlivesupstairs Sat 09-Jul-11 10:26:21

I don't understand why he can't see a doctor? Which country is he in?

preciousmum Sat 09-Jul-11 22:35:45

Kreecherlive he did see a couple of doctors,it is in Morocco,they described him some kind of injection,also he used a massage cream,tablets,but seems deoasnt fix the problem ,in winter it gets worse.I just thaught to take something with me and give it a try,of course something not to be consumed without doctors's permission.I went to boots today and had a look at the conter,they have some kind of patchs that you apply on the knee,and some massage creams,i will buy some it and will see.Anyway thank you for all your replays.

SindyTellsMe Sat 09-Jul-11 22:39:48

Voltarol gel is brilliant, but shouldn't be used at the same time as other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds (e.g. Ibuprofen)

kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 10-Jul-11 06:22:05

And deep heat or similar.

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