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Mini-pill and weight gain experiences?

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Lorenz Mon 27-Jun-11 22:05:08

Been on cerazette for just under 2 months and was pleased that I didn't seem to be putting weight on. However this morning I realised I am now 6lbs more than I was when I started it - that's nearly half a stone in about 6 weeks!! It just seems to have come on all of a sudden though and tbf, I have been eating a lot of crap recently but I'm one of these people that normally - as soon as I stop eating the crap I lose the weight, this time it's not shifting!!

Do I put it down to the pill or should I give my diet more chance to take effect??

OpusProSerenus Mon 27-Jun-11 22:07:33

It's many years ago I took it. I started on Marvelon as a size 12 and by the end of my 3-month trial was a size 16! I came off it and was back to a size 12 very quickly so never took it again

MrsJohnDeere Mon 27-Jun-11 22:10:03

I didn't put on weight but failed to lose it despite eating less and doing lots more exercise. Lost weight as soon as I stopped taking it.

It also made me feel very grumpy and tetchy.

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