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Incontinence whilst at Bootcamp

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Croxy Tue 14-Jun-11 22:18:37

I had a DS 2 years ago and have been doing basic exercise with no hassle. I can sneeze, laugh and blow my nose without issue, however this week I joined a bootcamp and within 15 min of exercising I realised that my track pants were wet, which only got worse as the time ticked by. I didnt feel anything, other than wetness on my track pants... Im assuming this is stress incontinence? I want to contine with bootcamp until I try and sort something permanent out, can anyone recommend something to use? Like pads or pants etc..

almondfinger Tue 14-Jun-11 22:27:20

Same happend to me on a lovely hot summers day, mortifying.

Wear a big pad,
Dont drink for about 2-3 hours in advance

Now is the time to start if you dont want to be wearing incontinence pads at 60.

almondfinger Tue 14-Jun-11 22:28:08

Just spotted you said 2 years later, Mine was 6 mths. 2 years is a long time, have you not done any pelvic floor exercises?

Croxy Wed 15-Jun-11 09:22:15

Thanks for commemts, mortifying it was! Yes, my son is two years old, I did do some (maybe 6 weeks) of pelvic floor exercises, but maybe not enough...I thought if you could sneeze without an accident you had passed the test, obviously I was wrong. Will start today!

Eachpeach80 Wed 15-Jun-11 10:03:36

Croxy, if you don't see a satisfactory improvement within a few months, you should go to your GP and get a referral to a physiotherapist or urogynaecologist. Also, a physiotherapist will be able to get you something which will help prevent leakage during exercise a bit like a tampon if you have a bit of a prolapse. Don't despair if you do not see an improvement, there are lots of options open for treatment and it doesn't mean you will be "wearing incontinence pads at 60". But yes, pelvic floor exercises are the first line of defence and though it is a pain you do have to do them for life.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 15-Jun-11 10:11:51

I get this occasionally.

I run and mostly I am fine but every now and then I leak a bitblush

It is generally when I have been running hard and normally not much. I wee'd loads at the finish line of the London Marathon thoughblush

I wouldn't wear a pad, it might rub! Do your pelvic floor exercises religiously, and see your GP if it continues, they can refer you to physio.

My ds's are 8 and 6 by the way!

Croxy Wed 15-Jun-11 12:52:10

I guess I assumed that I would realise?!? but didnt, the first night at bootcamp it was just a bit, but the next week it was down near my order to make it home, I poured a bottle of water down the front of me... Thanks for your tips ladies

higgle Thu 16-Jun-11 16:58:44

Maybe you were exercising differently than usual? I experienced this when I first started running, but after a few weeks it stopped. It also happened when I went riding for the first time after a long break, again once I got used t it it didn't happen again. My personal and non medical theory is that when your bladder and weakened pelvic floor experience something new they can't cope, but when it is repeated they learn how to contain it. I certainly know that the increase in incontinence in older people is directly linked to how active they are.

fluffycauliflower Thu 16-Jun-11 18:45:43

This happens to me too when I exercise. It is best straight after my period and worse in the run up to my period, which I understand is normal. I mainly run first thing in the morning when it is fine (I presume I'm dehydrated from a night's sleep and am not making any wee). I also try not to drink for two hours beforehand if I run lator on. I might take a long sleeve top to tie round my waist to disguise any accident. I have an electric pelvic floor exercisor, I'm worried about using it too much as it says there is no research on long term use. I also have the weights which I try to remember to use.

strawberryjelly Thu 16-Jun-11 23:04:17

You really should try to get the problem sorted before you continue with any impact exercise.

i had a repair years back but once i began running- again, years after the repair , i felt "loose"- the repair was on the front and back walls of vagina and they lifted up my uterus too.
i went back to gyane and physio who said no impact sport- running is evidently v bad for pelvic floor as all the impact as your feet hit the ground makes things shake about and bounce! same for star jumps and anything that puts strain on the abdomen such as lifting weights or srcrunches.

if you carry on when you have a problem it may make it much harder to correct things.

If i were you i would see Gp or women's physio for assessment and see if you can improve your pelvic floor first.

Croxy Fri 17-Jun-11 08:27:27

Thanks again Ladies, thankfully the weather is stopping me today!! I will take myself off to the GP and also get cracking on my pelvic floor excercises.. I think it is all the jumping, as Ive been to gym for about a year and using the treadmill is fine, plus I work out on a Sat with only a little 'hard core cardio' work, but bootcamp is a whole new world...and I guess the body just said 'hey what the hell is this'...

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