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Cutting Back on Caffeine, Help!

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Emjxxx Sun 16-Jan-11 11:46:52

Have been advised by Doctor to cut back on Caffeine, I'm a coffee drinker, normally about 5-6 cups a day. I tried yesterday to not have any coffee and I ended up with a splitting headache, so gave in. Is the caffeine in tea the same quantity as it is in coffee? Is tea any better at all? Would I be better switching to Half Caf first and cutting back that way?

Any advise, ideas much appreciated. Thanks

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 16-Jan-11 11:49:07

I would stock up on the nurofen and go cold turkey.
I had a caffeine addiction, and the withdrawal headaches are sooooo bad even after cutting down from 10 cups per day. It'll only be bad for a week, tops, and then you'll be right as rain.

lucybrad Sun 16-Jan-11 14:45:51

ohh I did this and it was horrible. I had really bad headaches and felt very anxious and ill for a few days. Tea has less caffeine but I used to drink loads of the stuff. Cut it out while pregnant, buy alternating caffeine free with real tea, an d then gradually dropping the caffeinated one by one. The tricky one is the overnight one as this would make my head hurt! I would then use half a caffenated t bag... you could use half a spoon caffeinated coffe and half decaff.

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