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Has anybody had recurring mastitus when not breastfeeding?

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Amapoleon Thu 30-Dec-10 09:44:33

For the past year I have had Mastitus. I had a chronic infection surrounding what turned out to be a benign tumour , thankfully. In May I had the lump removed and took antibiotics pre and post op.

About a month ago, I became infected again and my scar burst. Another round of antibiotics, some wound care etc. and I was fine again.

This morning my boob is red again, my scar is lumpy and swollen and I feel a bit yucky. I'm not at home, so can't really go to the doctor.

Will this infection ever go away? Why do I keep getting it? I haven't breast feed for about 2 years.

Amapoleon Thu 30-Dec-10 10:40:48


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