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Poked eye injury help please

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ALovelyBunchOfBaubles Sun 19-Dec-10 10:39:38

My DD accidentally poked me in the eye this morning. It is so painful and feels very scratched. I cannot actually open my eye properly and water is streaming from it.

Can any serious damage actually have been done? Do I need to get it looked at? It happened over an hour ago and it feels a bad if not worse than when it happened.

What would you recommend?


belgo Sun 19-Dec-10 10:41:26

Put sunglasses on her and a cold clean flannel against her eye. Or make her a pirate's patch to keep it closed. I would probably take her to an eye hospital or GP to get it looked at.

festivefriedawhingesagain Sun 19-Dec-10 10:42:40

I would get it checked out minor injuries unit/walk in centre )as you can easily get a corneal abrasion - a scratch on the surface of the eye- which sometimes they like to give drops for and check it heals nicely.

If it had just happened, I would wait and see, like you did. But it still sounds very sore.

ALovelyBunchOfBaubles Sun 19-Dec-10 11:00:17

belgo it is my eye, not DD's. Sorry if I didn't make this clear I can't really see to type!

Problem is Obviously GPs are closed and nearest hospital is 45 minutes away and I don't drive (and couldn't see if I could anyway!)

Would an opticians help me? There are plenty open in my town today. I'm not dressed yet blush but could go up there when I am?

Restrainedrabbit Sun 19-Dec-10 11:03:25

Get it looked at asap, dhs boss has long term damage from the same injury and he didn't get it seen too

ALovelyBunchOfBaubles Sun 19-Dec-10 11:05:25

I'm trying to call my opticians but no answer. grr!

Restrainedrabbit Sun 19-Dec-10 11:13:14

Prob closed on Sunday? Try out of hours for advice?

ALovelyBunchOfBaubles Sun 19-Dec-10 11:15:21

they are defintely open on Sundays. how do i find ooh number?

DaisySteiner Sun 19-Dec-10 11:21:16

I would go to A&E rather than an opticians - if you need treatment they will probably send you there anyway.

suiledonne Sun 19-Dec-10 11:22:57

Definitely get it seen. It happened to my sister recently. The doctor said if you have a little scratch on the eyeball it is prone to infection. You will probably needed to keep it covered for a bit.


Karoleann Sun 19-Dec-10 11:27:20

Corneal scratches can heal really quickly, I wouldn't bother going to A and E yet. Don't patch the eye either it can create a warmer surface on the eye and encourage bacterial growth. The main worry with a corneal scratch is that is can provide a route for bacteria to enter the cornea and cause and infection. Pop out to a chemist and get some chlormaphenicol eye drops over the counter and some ocular lubricant (something like hypromellose). Put both in 4x today (leave 5 minutes between drops).
If the white part of the eye becomes very red or if your vision becomes blurred go to A and E. It should be feeling significantly better by the end of today

tulip27 Sun 19-Dec-10 11:40:13

I suffer from reaccurent corneal abbrassions and I can absolutly agree with everything Karoleann said. Get the chlorenphenical ointment (available over the counter)and apply every two hours. The thing that always helps me heal quicker is to keep your eye closed as much as possible but agree, don't eye patch. Just take sme paracetamol and brufen and close your eyes (if you can) and only open them for your 2 hourly dose of eye ointment. I often find on the first night of the injury taping the eye down often helps as if you open your eye too quickly in the am you can re open the abrassion.
I sympathise with you. I swear corneal abrassion is more painful than labour !

ALovelyBunchOfBaubles Sun 19-Dec-10 11:57:58

THaks for the replies. I rang OOH and she said to go straight to A&E.

grin tulip I just said to the nurse on the phone it is worse than labour!

It is feeling worse by the minute. The nurse said it is a very serious injury and if I couldn't get a lift to hospital she would have rang an ambulance. I refuse to go in an ambukance with a poked eye when someone could be dying somewhere.

So I have a fift. Leving in about half an hour. Thanks for all the advice. Will probably be sent home with some drops or something. Hopefully it wont cause any damage. will updat later.

Sorry for shocking typing I only have one eye!

belgo Sun 19-Dec-10 12:00:23

Sorry I misread your post. Hope you get seen quick at A&E.

ALovelyBunchOfBaubles Sun 19-Dec-10 12:08:33

So do i belgo!


I feel so ridiculous going to A&E with a poked eye!

ALovelyBunchOfBaubles Sun 19-Dec-10 15:12:46

I'm home, A&E was empty so was straight in. I have an eye patch. Had 3 sets of drops at hospital and have ointment and drops for home. Severe scratch but hopefully it won't take long to heal. Still very painful.

belgo Sun 19-Dec-10 15:32:47

That's good.

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