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anybody on here knows how to interprete a lung function test?

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MrsBigD Sun 28-Nov-10 00:38:17

just came back from the dock as I've been getting worse all week, despite heaps of rest, from something that started like a slight cold and progressed to acute shortness of breath, pain when breathing deeply, cough, joint pain etc. you get the picture.

Amongst other things she had me blow into one of those tube things to test lung capacity and I scored a 310 or so. She had me do it again saying 'blow properly' and same result. When I asked her whether that's low all she told me is that that depends on hight (I'm 1.63m)... and then she said might have pleurisy and I need to have lung x-rays taken. Nothing like that to 'cheer up' a Sunday!

Tried finding out on the net how low the 310 is for me but haven't been able to find anything. Any insights?

MrsBigD Sun 28-Nov-10 00:39:27

doc not dock!
shallow breathing seems to affect my typing skills blushgrin

Poledra Sun 28-Nov-10 00:43:51

I think you're talking about Peak Expiratory Flow - one of the problems with using this is you don't know what 'normal' is for you. If you have a look here, it gives you some idea of the wide range that still covers 'normal'.

However, all said and done, 310 still looks low for your height so clearly your lung capacity has been affected by whatever you have - but you knew that already! Get plenty rest, and the chest X-ray will help make your diagnosis clearer.

KatyMac Sun 28-Nov-10 00:46:31

It depends upon lots of things including height, weight, level of fitness

But my 13y (with asthma) is about 250 while my DH (with Chronic lung disease) is about 350.....but he is 6ft 2 & massively fit

So it's not straight forward

MrsBigD Sun 28-Nov-10 00:55:02

Thanks for the quick responses

so no precise science then

@ Poledra thanks for the link. Looking at the curve I'm definitely low for age 43 and 163cm. but as you said, I knew already that I can't breath LOL. I am resting plenty that's why I was getting worried by not getting better but worse...

@ KatyMac 6ft 2 & massively fit sounds good grin any tips I can pass on to dh who's 6ft 2 but not so fit ;)

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