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How can build dd up a bit??

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harassedinherTINSELpants Fri 26-Nov-10 10:40:42

My dd is 4.5 and just started school in September. She's a July birthday, so is one of the tinies, but she is in general tiny! Petite and skinny, always below average on the percentiles and never a chubby baby.

Since starting school she's been shattered, and picked up every bug going including two bouts of tonsilitis.

Now she has really chapped and split lips. Went to gp (not our usual one, just wanted fast appointment) yesterday and she has this . I've been given some steroid cream to use to clear it up and then he said to use lots of vaseline to stop it. He also mentioned that she might be anaemic and quizzed me on her diet (good, but she doesn't eat a lot) and when I mentioned that I'm giving her a multi vit gave me a lecture on him not approving of them. Fine, but she's run down and I just need to get her through the busy Christmas rush at school!!

So, reading up about the lip/mouth condition she has it seems likely she may have a vit b deficiency or be why didn't he do any tests??

Also, is there anything I can give her?? I give her a daily multi vitamin or a spoonful of Minadex at the moment.

I just need to get her to Christmas hols when she can be spoilt and rested.

orangeflutie Sat 27-Nov-10 07:59:03

My eldest dd was quite thin at 4. Not as thin as some children but I always worried about her at school simply because she was a fussy eater and didn't seem to have enough energy for the school day.

Does your dd like milk shakes or smoothies? Plenty of high calorie foods like macaroni cheese, cauliflower cheese etc.

My GP at the time didn't want to do any tests either and it is worrying when your dd is picking up bugs because you worry about them losing more weight. I did find the first year at school the worst for bugs. Their immunity does seem to improve slightly though once they're through reception.

Hope this helps.

nightcat Sat 27-Nov-10 12:34:38

Personally I am not a big fun of multivits, esp if with iron as some are absorbed better than others.
I would try alternating multivit with B complex and fish/cod liver oil, esp in the winter. It's the oily stuff that helps to keep germs at bay. You could also add some flaxseeds on her foods, very healthy. It's often lack of the good fats on the inside that causes skin to crack.
I agree with website you linked, my ds had Zn deficiency that caused skin cracks and fungal infections, but the problem with multivit is that most minerals in it, esp iron, would push out zinc, so she might not be absorbing it well in the multivit.
Does she eat eggs? Apparently there is Zn in egg yolks. Or there are Zn/B supplements.

wheretofromhere Sat 27-Nov-10 12:49:28

I'm having the same difficulties with my 4 year old. She was born in May and is currently in pre-school (in Ireland not UK so school system a bit different) She would be old enough for school but held her back as she has asthma and was quite ill last autumn.

I feel I made the right decision to hold her back as she is struggling with pre-school and it is only 3 hours per day. She has rarely made a full week due to illness.

My DD is smaller than average and eats a good variety but in tiny amounts although she hates cheese and is allergic to eggs so that is 2 good foods ruled out. Her appetite really is tiny and when she is ill she loses weight really quickly.

I'd love to build her up and see her looking more robust and healthy like her peers but it is difficult to know where to start.

My dd likes vegetables so I make a hearty veg soup and enrich it with cream. I also give her cocoa with full fat milk.

I am seeing her paed in the next few weeks so will ask his advice for children like this and let you know what he thinks.

FWIW Even though dd always looks pale and is tired a lot we have had her iron checked a few times and it was always fine.

harassedinherTINSELpants Tue 30-Nov-10 09:33:48

Thank you for your replies, and sorry I haven't got back sooner!

nightcat - thanks for the info, it's really interesting. Will have a good look into what she's taking and adjust.

wheretofromhere - my ds1 shares the same birthday as dd (both July) so they were both very young to start school. I was told that if dd didn't start school they couldn't guarantee a place for her, and as our chosen school is out of catchment I couldn't risk it.

There do seem to be lots of poorly Year R children, they've just cancelled their Christmas concert due to lots of ill children!

Oneandnomore Tue 30-Nov-10 12:39:49

My dd was ill almost every week for the first term when she started in reception last year. I found that making sure she had enough sleep was a big factor, she would be in bed asleep for 6pm most nights.

I have been giving her ecinachea twice a day this winter and I don't know if her immune system has improved anyway or if this has made the difference, but she has only been ill once so far.

Also, does your dd stay school lunches? If she isn't a big eater, at least you can monitor what she is eating.

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