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Do I need to see the GP? Period now 3 weeks late, but not pregnant.

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Littlefish Wed 10-Nov-10 21:42:39

I'm 42. My cycles are usually regular at between 26 and 29 days. Last month however, my period didn't come until day 38 which is unheard of (except the month I was pregnant with dd, 6 years ago).

This month though, things have got weirder! I'm now on day 49 and no sign of my period. I did a pregnancy test about 4 days ago and it was negative

Is this perimenopause/menopause? Something more sinister?

Should I go and see the GP? What would you do?

CMOTdibbler Wed 10-Nov-10 21:46:26

I'd go to the gp, although two people I know in their early 40's are both starting the menopause, so I'd guess it is that. But best to have your hormone levels checked to confirm

Littlefish Wed 10-Nov-10 21:47:49

Thanks CMOT. I'm just sticking my head in the sand I suppose. My cousin has ovarian cancer, so I'm scared to google and see whether missing/irregular periods is a symptom of that. sad

dearprudence Wed 10-Nov-10 21:48:50

Menopause-type stuff would be my guess, but agree it's best to check, as you are young.

Littlefish Wed 10-Nov-10 21:51:10

<kisses dearprudence for calling her "young">

CMOTdibbler Wed 10-Nov-10 21:54:50

Irregular periods is not a symptom of ovarian cancer, so put that worry to rest.

Littlefish Wed 10-Nov-10 22:06:04

Thank you CMOT. I will.

dearprudence Wed 10-Nov-10 22:06:16

I'm 43. You are young to me grin

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