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Bikram yoga

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tummysgottogo Sun 07-Nov-10 15:39:43

I need to lose some weight/tone up and also generally stretch my old aching joints etc. Have been doing bikram on and off for a while but don't seem to see any weight loss as a result. I do love how I feel when I get into it regularly though.

Does anyone out there go and how often?

What other health benefits have you seen?

A1980 Sun 07-Nov-10 19:57:17

I used to go three times a week. No weight loss. Way too expensive and I got sick and tired of carrying around wet kit and drinking gallons of water before and afterwards. Not to mentione boring. Same class for 90 mins every time.

Didn't see any health benefits in fact the heat is deceptive. It makes you think you are more flexible than you are. YOu find that you can't stretch like that in a normal temperature room. I hurt my ankle doing it too.

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