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Want to stop smoking. Anyone else?

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Birdistheword Tue 12-Oct-10 10:16:56

I want to quit smoking because:

- I really cannot afford to smoke anymore, i have a wedding to save up for too

- I have a 2 year old who shouldn't have a Mum that stinks of fags

- My DP quit a couple of months ago in order to save money and i think i should do the same

Does anyone want to quit with me? <pleads>

massivemammaries Tue 12-Oct-10 21:49:57

I have been quit for 2 weeks now until this afternoon when I bought 10 and smoked them all ......... I need to get up and carry on

dontdisstheteens Wed 13-Oct-10 09:56:36

I am in my second week of champix and have cut down. Not quite ready to stop yet though.

Doodlez Wed 13-Oct-10 09:57:45

<marks place on thread>

<Goes for a fag to think about it>

TeenageWildlife Sat 13-Nov-10 18:45:07

it worked after trying absolutely everything else from hypnotherapy to champix to patches etc etc it is free and it works Good luck

CountessVonKnackerstein Sat 13-Nov-10 22:25:00

The Alan Carr book worked for me (not the chatty man one, haha!)

TheSleepFairy Sat 13-Nov-10 22:27:41

I quit 3 months ago with Champix although I didn't finish the course (12 weeks) & I am now having the odd sneaky fag here & there so will probably go back to the docs & do the course again.

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