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Neurotic mother or not?

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madmarchhare Mon 22-Aug-05 10:02:44

Yesterday DS (20mos) had what looked like a scratch on his leg and by the evening it looked a bit yellowish so I had a closer look at could see something appeared to be under the skin.

I removed some yellowish substance and stuck a bit of sudacreme on it for the night. This morning its not yellow (just very red now) but I can still see something under the skin, and running my finger over it, it is certainly raised and hard.

Its could be just a splinter, but in my mind it is a flesh eating insect thats sneaked in on the fruit from Africa.

Question is, will it rise to the surface on its own or should I investigate further? It doesnt seem to be bothering him.

colditz Mon 22-Aug-05 10:49:34

If I were you, I would keep up with the sudocrem as it sounds like a very slightly infected scratch.

can't comment on the flesh eating bugs from Africa.

starlover Mon 22-Aug-05 10:57:42

how big is it?

madmarchhare Mon 22-Aug-05 10:59:32

Very small really, about 1cm, if that.

starlover Mon 22-Aug-05 11:04:53

probably a splinter then.
best way i know of getting them out is by letting it get a bit infected and then squeezing it out with the pus! MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

probably not that good an idea, but if you can;t see the end of it i don't know another way

handlemecarefully Mon 22-Aug-05 11:08:35

Oh most definitely flesh eating African insect. You'll need an air ambulance pronto! (lol)

Yes - just keep an eye on it, and if redness spreads (rather than stays localised) take him to doctors for antibiotics

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