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Breastfeeding and MRI scan - HELP please, Mears? Tiktok? Anyone?

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Nome Fri 19-Aug-05 11:00:05

Some background: I have a lump in my liver which was found after an ultrasound scan when I was 13 weeks pg. My consultant said to contact him after delivery and they would arrange an MRI scan to have a closer look and decde whether I need a biopsy.

dd was born by VBAC 10 days ago. I phoned up consultant's secretary and told her. Today I got an appointment for Tuesday. I phoned up the MRI department to check whether it would be ok to bring dd with me as I am breastfeeding and she is very new - she will be 14 days old on Tuesday. During the conversation, the radiographer says I should express and they will give her a bottle if she needs it during the examination. Then she says that if I need the dye, then I will not be able to breastfeed for 48 hours.

Now I can probably express enough for a couple of feeds between now and Tuesday midday, but I don't think I can express enough for 48 hours worth of new born feeds.

Does anyone know anything about the dye? Does it really take 48 hours? If it does I will have no choice but to give formula - does that mean the end of bf?

Help please - I am so hormonal I am in tears at the thought of not feeding her for 48 hours.

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